Christmas Deals on eBay – Strategies for Saving Money this Holiday

November 11, 2008

Christmas deals are everywhere on eBay, you just have to know where to find them!  eBay recently sent a newsletter to sellers with tips on how to boost their holiday sales; I thought I’d share a few of them from the consumer point of view and see how they can save you money. Microsoft Live […]

Financial Tips for New College Graduates – A Cheatsheet for Managing Your Money

April 30, 2008

Were you in class the day they handed out the financial tip sheet?  You know, the one that covered how to buy insurance, invest your money, pay off your student loans, manage your credit cards, and budget out your new salary?  I think most of us missed that day so here’s another copy you can […]

3 Ways to Make Extra Money in a Recession

April 25, 2008

Cash shortages are common during a recession.  What similarities do you notice in the cycle below: Consumers Spend Less Money Businesses Earn Less Money Businesses Stop Hiring/Start Firing Laid off Consumers Spend Less Money …. When the economy stops expanding there is less money to go around. Everyone tries to get more out of less.  […]

Selling on eBay – Keeping Up with eBay Changes & Leveraging Their Tools

February 21, 2008

You may have heard in the news about eBay’s latest fee changes which have led to quite a bit of unrest with eBay sellers, some are even looking for alternative selling platforms.  Some sellers are sticking around but are boycotting eBay this week, not listing their inventory in protest of the changes. With fewer items being […]

Power of Trying Something New – Personal Finance Review

February 3, 2008

Do you ever feel like the growth in some area of your life has hit a plateau and you don’t know what to do about it?  One of my friends was recently in that situation and took action that reminded me we sometimes have to move out of our comfort zone and try something new […]

Reduce Your eBay Taxes with a Home Office Deduction

January 18, 2008

Do you know how much you’ll owe this year on your eBay income tax? Did you know you might be able to reduce those taxes by claiming a home office deduction? If you’re running a profitable business on eBay hopefully you’ve been making estimated tax payments throughout the year to avoid any kind of fees […]

Do eBay Sellers Need to Pay Self Employment Taxes?

January 7, 2008

After informing my eBay Partner that he needed to pay taxes on eBay his sales he called me up yesterday and asked if he owes self employment taxes in addition to income taxes on his eBay profits. My response was, if you are selling on eBay and have a net earnings of more than $400 in a year, you […]

Paying Taxes on eBay Income – Do eBay Sellers Need to Report their Earnings?

January 3, 2008

Should I be paying taxes on my eBay income?  This was a question I was faced with yesterday from my friend / business partner as we celebrated our earnings for December. Our eBay partnership has been a success so far, bringing in over $700 for me last month! When he asked me whether he needed to be […]

Selling on eBay After the Holidays

December 22, 2007

As you scurry around trying to finish your last minute gift shopping in the final days before Christmas, keep in mind that the next few days can be a great time to prepare to make some money on eBay.  The following four tips can help you make some extra money to help pay off those […]

Selling on eBay Without Doing Any Work

December 6, 2007

How can you possibly make money on eBay without doing any work?  Well, you can’t really but it sure feels like I am. I mentioned earlier how I had found a partner to help me sell on eBay.  I had a bunch of inventory I wanted to sell but didn’t have time and he wanted to […]

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