Christmas Deals on eBay – Strategies for Saving Money this Holiday

November 11, 2008


Christmas deals are everywhere on eBay, you just have to know where to find them!  eBay recently sent a newsletter to sellers with tips on how to boost their holiday sales; I thought I’d share a few of them from the consumer point of view and see how they can save you money.

Microsoft Live Cashback

“We’ve teamed up with Microsoft to give buyers up to 30% cash back on items they find on eBay through a Microsoft Live search.”

* Note eBay coupons do not work with Express Checkout. Live Cashback does not work with third party checkout and only applies to Fixed Price and Buy It Now items when paid with PayPal. 

Do some shopping on Microsoft Live Search and checkout items that come up from eBay.

eBay’s Holiday Coupons

“eBay will be hitting millions of buyers with coupons-wherever they’re searching.”

eBay doesn’t say where they’ll offer the coupons but it sounds as though they’ll pop up all over the web so keep your eyes open.

Free Shipping

  * Buyers are on the lookout for free shipping. It can make them pick your listing over others.
  * Free shipping gives you an automatic boost in search results and a free subtitle.
  * Plus we’ll double PowerSeller discounts for items sold with free shipping through December 31, 2008.

Items with free shipping will show up higher in your search results so comb the top page for shipping offers.  Also, look for PowerSellers, they have incentives to offer free shipping so are more likely to do so.

Best Offer

  * Tell buyer’s to make their Best Offer.
  * Set up your listing to auto-accept offers above the price you want and auto decline low-ball offers.
  * Make a counter-offer to get the price you want and move more inventory.

Look for chances to save some money by making your Best Offer but don’t get emotionally sold and agree to counter offers that are higher than you want to spend.

Store Sellers Highlight Great Deals
  * Use Email Marketing to send targeted offers and holiday updates to your customers.
  * Use Markdown Manager to offer discounts and reinforce the great deal with “strikethrough” pricing.

If you’re interested in a product in an eBay store, consider signing up for the store newsletter, the seller might offer holiday discounts.

eBay Deals

eBay created the deals hub to help shoppers more easily find offers such as free shipping, best offer, and items starting at $1.

So signup for an eBay account if you don’t have one already and find some deals this holiday!


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5 Responses to Christmas Deals on eBay – Strategies for Saving Money this Holiday

  • Trevor

    I’ve got to be honest- my wife has already picked up a few items for me off of eBay for Christmas this year already, including a little bobble-heard Geiko Gecko! 🙂

    Got to love eBay! 🙂


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