A Consumers Guide to Holiday Shopping on eBay

November 12, 2007

As an eBay seller I get periodic newsletters from eBay and just recently received a holiday sales planner in the mail.  The newsletter offers eBay sellers a variety of tips on holiday selling success that I thought might be interesting to anyone who is thinking about doing some gift shopping online this year. Since eBay […]

How to Save Time & Make Money on eBay With a Sales Partner

November 3, 2007

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day?  As I juggle my family time, work, and online endeavors I always find myself wishing for extra hours in the day.  I’ve been looking for ways to make better use of my time and last night I made some progress! No Time for […]

How eBay Sellers Can Save Money on Shipping Supplies

October 20, 2007

Warning: Some eBay sellers may not like this idea.  You might think it’s not worth your time or might think it’s tacky.  This tip isn’t for everyone but if it works for your eBay Business it will save you money guaranteed. eBay Shipping Costs Shipping costs are becoming more of an issue for eBay sellers. […]

Why Selling on eBay is a Great Way to Make Extra Money

October 5, 2007

Get a free tutorial on how you can start your own Easy eBay Business Anytime someone is looking for an easy way to earn some extra money, I recommend eBay since it shows quick results, is simple to get started, and has a low cost of entry. Quick ResultsOne problem many people run into when trying to earn […]

eBay Market Research – A Creative Way to Determine What to Sell on eBay

September 22, 2007

Do you want get started selling on eBay but you’re not sure what to sell? Here’s a simple trick you can use to get some good local product ideas.  What do most eBay sellers that aren’t drop shipping their products have in common?  They have to ship the packages themselves via US Postal mail, UPS, […]

Warning, Loaning Out Your Identity May Be Harzardous to Your Wallet

August 29, 2007

Having someone steal your identity is bad enough, it really sucks when you loan it out to someone else and they do something stupid with it. A username and password are often all that’s needed to assume someone’s identity on the Internet, lending yours out can turn out to be an expensive or embarrassing mistake. […]

How to Start Your eBay Business Without Credit Card Debt

August 24, 2007

Do you want to start your own eBay business with minimal risk and no debt? I’m sharing the steps I took to build my eBay business and giving away a free multi-part tutorial on how to get started. Sign up for the free tutorial with the adjoining form and get started today! Is it wise […]

Use Credit Cards Wisely When Selling on eBay

August 23, 2007

Is it a good idea to use credit cards to pay for inventory when starting an eBay Business?  I had a reader ask this question the other day and I think the answer is, it depends.  Personally, I use a cash back credit card to buy any inventory I sell on eBay but there are […]

Retailer’s Anger Reveals How You Can Make Money on eBay

August 14, 2007

What would you do with 25 of the exact same purse? A recent USA Today story tells of a woman named Triss Budoff who bought that many purses at Target for about $1000 and has already made $750 profit by selling 10 of them on eBay.  Now that’s a nice take and she still has 15 […]

Forgot to Pay Taxes on eBay Income?

August 9, 2007

Minimize Your eBay Taxes & Maximize Your eBay Profits with eBiz Tax Tips What should you do if you “forgot” to pay taxes on your eBay income?  I asked this question of a tax friend recently and got a multi-part answer that will likely interest you. The Politically Correct AnswerThe first part of the answer […]

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