Spending Money is Easy Because Saving Money is Hard

May 15, 2015

Spending money and saving money are like natural enemies. The more of one that you do, the less of the other that you’re able to do. If money were unlimited, you’d be able to do both without any stress. But that’s why the spending/saving balance is so complicated – most people have to make hard […]

What to Do if You’re a Saver and Your Spouse Isn’t

January 29, 2014

Married couples can face financial stressors on various fronts. Maybe this isn’t even a stress – but a preference – but what do you do if you’re a saver and your spouse isn’t? It’s actually a serious dilemma though, even if many would not consider it to be an actual problem. Some people have a deep […]

5 Ways to Own Your New Year’s Resolutions

December 31, 2013

As this year ends and a new one begins, we set out to make our New Year’s resolutions. Two primary themes usually emerge – getting into shape and saving more money. Unfortunately for us, author and psychologist Richard Wiseman found that 88% of people who make New Year’s resolutions don’t keep them. Here are some ways […]

How to Quickly Build an Emergency Fund

November 26, 2013

I’ve often thought that having an emergency fund is the most basic component of good financial planning. Everything else you do with your finances is based on this simple, single building block. You can have money coming in, money going out, and even a healthy reserve for your golden years. But if you don’t have […]

Earning More and Spending Less to Pay Down Debt

January 28, 2013

When it comes to paying down debt, people often focus on finding ways to cut spending. Others try to find ways to earn more money. In truth, in trying to payoff debt – especially if it’s a large amount – you’ll almost certainly need to do both. How to Earn More Money One of the […]

How to Save Money on Your Data Plan

December 24, 2012

Smartphones and tablets have taken consumers by storm. You can be constantly connected with slick apps to thousands of different services wherever you have a cell phone signal. There’s only one problem: all of that connectivity uses a lot of cell phone data, and cell phone data is not cheap. With cell phone bills rising […]

How to Save Money on Magazines

November 28, 2012

Follow the tips below and you can read all the magazines you want for little to no money out of your pocket! The tips are listed in order of most expensive to least expensive so if you really want to save money be sure to read them all. 1. Throw Away the Bill Once you […]

Build Your Dream Fund for Your Next Big Idea

May 11, 2012

If you think you’ll never have a million dollar idea, watch Shark Tank on Friday nights and you might change your mind. I think I relate the most to the parents of little kids who come up with cool business ideas inspired by their children. On Shark Tank, current or aspiring entrepreneurs present their products to a […]

7 Tips for Cutting Cable Costs

March 14, 2012

Thanks to Andrea Woroch for sharing some tips on cutting cable costs in this guest post. When I was a kid, cable television was a luxury. It was a rare treat only found at hotels and friends’ houses. My parents didn’t want to take on the extra expense and they worried all of the extra […]

8 Ways Football Fans Can Save Money

October 6, 2011

Being a diehard football fan is an expensive undertaking. Ticket prices, astronomical concession costs, parking, tailgating, and TV packages can all add up to thousands of dollars every year. For some, football is “the” thing their family does every year so the spending is just part of the annual budget. But are there any ways […]

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