4 Ways to Maximize Your Charity Donations

January 17, 2014

An important aspect of having well-rounded finances is charity. Giving is generally accepted by many personal finance experts as an essential part of good money management. Your giving, however, should be like other aspects of your financial management – an effort should be made to ensure that you are getting the best value for your […]

Life Events That Can End in Debt – And How to Avoid the Consequences

January 16, 2014

So many contingencies can be addressed with solid financial planning – having an emergency fund, creating a college fund to put children through school while minimizing student loan debt, building a retirement plan, and even having life insurance to care for your loved ones upon your death. But sometimes things happen that come from outside […]

The Economy of You – How to Make Money in Your Spare Time

January 16, 2014

If you’ve been wanting to start earning extra money with some of your unique skills then Kimberly Palmer’s new book “The Economy of You” is a good read.  One of the things I like about Kim’s work is that she didn’t write it as an observer, she actually went through the process of starting her […]

When a Person Dies, Who Does the Inheritance Go To?

January 15, 2014

When someone dies, where does their money go? It’s an important question. Figuring out where an inheritance goes can be a difficult process, depending on the situation and what kind of instructions the deceased has left relating to their assets. What actually happens depends on the wishes of the person who has passed, tempered by […]

How to Avoid the Balance Transfer Trap

January 14, 2014

Balance transfer cards can be a useful tool for reducing your interest rate and helping you pay off your debt faster. With the right balance transfer offer, more of your monthly payment can go to the principal, and you will pay less over time – in addition to getting out of debt quicker. Unfortunately, as […]

Debt and Marriage: What You Should Know Before the Wedding

January 13, 2014

Debt can ruin a marriage, so how can you beat debt before your wedding day? Although you many not be able to eliminate debt before tying the knot, there are steps to prepare for debt in married life. Dating and Debt When you get married, your two families become one and so do your personal […]

Should You Save for Retirement or Pay Off Debt?

January 10, 2014

Should you save for retirement, or pay off debt? Tough question. Living in the shadow of debt can be frustrating and difficult. As a result, many are anxious to get rid of debt as quickly as possible, choosing to tackle the debt before they start saving for retirement. This might help you feel better, but […]

Improve Your Credit Score in 5 Simple Steps

January 9, 2014

Improving your credit score can be simple if you know what steps to follow. If you have poor credit, bad credit, or simply want to improve your credit score, there are specific steps you can take to make it happen. Your credit score is computed mainly using: Payment history Type of credit you have Length […]

Paying Off Your Mortgage vs Paying Down Your Mortgage

January 8, 2014

Should you pay off your mortgage, pay down your mortgage, or simply just make regular mortgage payments? This is a decision facing many of us because one of the biggest purchases we make in a lifetime is a home. Since few of us can afford to pay cash for a house, most of us use […]

5 Personality Traits that Can Help You Pay Off Debt

January 7, 2014

Are you trying to pay off debt? It can seem like a long slog sometimes . . . especially if you haven’t developed personal traits that can help you in your efforts. If you want to pay off debt there are some essential personality traits that you need to develop (if you don’t have them […]

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