3 New Great Mobile Financial Apps

November 1, 2012

For the longest time if you wanted to track your financial progress on your smartphone you either had to use clumsy internet interfaces or a basic text or spreadsheet editor. Then a few applications came out such as Mint.com that were tailored toward a better user experience on a smartphone. Yet your options for a […]

Mobile Money Guide – Banking, Shopping, & Coupons

October 30, 2009

Mobile banking and shopping are becoming more and more popular thanks to smart phones like the iPhone and Palm Pre.  A year ago we ran a series of articles on what the mobile web could do for your money. Today, I’m revisiting the mobile money guide because the options for banking, shopping, and managing your […]

How to Save Money with Mobile Coupons

October 24, 2008

Who doesn’t like coupons?  Does it matter to you whether they’re clipped from the paper or delivered to your cell phone?  In previous coverage of mobile money we talked with Kim Dushinski, author of the upcoming book the Mobile Marketing Handbook about avoiding mobile spam and how consumers can benefit from mobile deals.  Today we’ll look […]

Mobile Deals, Coupons, & Alerts- Saving Money with Your Cell Phone

October 23, 2008

Mobile devices will have a growing impact on how people manage, track, and spend their money in the coming years.  Mobile banking, mobile shopping, and even personal finance tracking on our cell phones or other devices will give us additional flexibility and functionality in spending and managing our money. One thing consumers need to be […]

Mobile Money – Personal Finance On Your Phone

October 22, 2008

Have you ever wanted to quickly check your account balance? Do you often find yourself wondering if you have enough money to buy something in your clothes budget? Would you like to quickly look at your most recent bank transactions? Your cell phone is now the place to do all of these! With the help […]

Mobile Shopping Review: Save Money By Shopping With Your Cell Phone

October 21, 2008

Mobile shopping can save you both time and money.  You can use your cell phone to help you shop around and get the best deal possible or you can use your mobile device to purchase things online. The use of your cell phone to help you shop and get better deals is quickly catching on with younger […]

Mobile Banking Review: Online Banking With Your Cell Phone

October 20, 2008

I’m convinced that someday we will be able to perform every task imaginable on our cell phones. Apple is getting close, but there are still some functions you can’t perform in your every day life with a cell phone. The break through of mobile banking technology on your cell phone is just another attempt at […]

Mobile Money Guide – How to Use Your Cell Phone to Manage and Save Money On the Go

October 20, 2008

Mobile access to your money has become a reality.  There are countless scenarios where you might need remote access to your bank account or to comparison shop for a product in the store.  As the number of cell phone and mobile device users continues to grow banks and retailers are providing consumers more and more […]

What Can the Mobile Web Do For Your Money?

October 7, 2008

The mobile web is all around us, yet I have been largely disconnected from using it for text messaging, mobile browsing, or checking email on a mobile device. The World is Going Mobile Every time I travel I try and use my interactions with the people I meet along the way to way to learn […]