Mobile Shopping Review: Save Money By Shopping With Your Cell Phone

October 21, 2008

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Mobile shopping can save you both time and money.  You can use your cell phone to help you shop around and get the best deal possible or you can use your mobile device to purchase things online.

The use of your cell phone to help you shop and get better deals is quickly catching on with younger and even older generations. Mobile shopping is becoming increasingly popular as cell phone technology and network speeds continue to improve.

There are many tools out there to help you, and we will go over a few different ways to use your cell phone to help you be a better shopper.

Product Research

Doing your research is key if you want to save money when you’re out shopping. Some people do plenty of research before they leave their house about the best deals, but there area always certain products and deals that come up while you are out shopping that you did not research. Epinions is a great website to access from your mobile web browser to help you perform product research on the go. The website is comprised of a social network of users that write product reviews and rate each other’s reviews its usefulness.

Comparison Shopping

One of the hardest parts about shopping is that you get caught up in the moment of a good deal. You may find the LCD TV you want for a given price, and it looks to be a good deal, but you’re unsure if you can get it for a better deal somewhere else. Using your cell phone helps you figure this out right away, not when you get back home after you bought the TV.

Try Price Grabber on your mobile web browser to compare products and prices. FruCall is another great website that gives you three different options for comparing prices and products. You can call their 1-800 number, text them the ISBN number, or check out their mobile website.

Capturing Information and Social Shopping

My first experience with using a cell phone to help me shop was when my wife took a picture of a kitchen appliance that we had been looking at and sent it to my phone to view. Many of you have cell phones that capture photos and videos, but watch out, because many stores don’t like you taking photos or video of their products. They don’t want it getting in the wrong hands, their competitors! So, try to respect the wishes of a retailer when taking photos or videos of a certain product.

Dressing rooms are becoming social networks at places like Bloomingdales and the Gap. This article from Forbes Magazine talks about retailers beginning to offer interactive dressing mirrors that will take a photo of each outfit you put on, so you can look at it again later after you’ve tried everything on. Bloomingdales and Prada are also installing webcams and microphones into the dressing rooms to allow friends or family members to log on to their website and see you in your new outfit in the dressing room. I sure hope those webcams have good security on them!

Shopping On Your Cell Phone

mShopper is a newer web application that you can access from your cell phone to shop online. mShopper will search for the best online deal and help you make a quick purchase straight from your cell phone. You set up your account’s financial information and shipping information and saves it. When you want to buy something, type in your pin number, and your item will be purchased and sent to your door step.

You can also use your mobile web browser to shop online and buy items straight from your cell phone. You may want to check a store’s website first before you purchase it, because many retailers offer web deals to encourage online spending. Retailers save money when you purchase online, because it costs them less to deliver the good or service to you.

Mobile Shopping & Banking

So, are you ready to start shopping on your cell phone? Take the time to learn the ins and outs of mobile shopping and you can save yourself both time and money.  Cell phones aren’t limited to just shopping, you can use them to access your money as well.  For information on mobile banking, check out our mobile banking review.

Mobile Apps Handango


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  • marci

    What’ll they think of next?

    This of course is only useful if one actually shops,
    which my frugalness negates. 🙂

    Interesting article tho – stuff I was not aware of.
    I learned my ‘new item’ for today.


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