12 Steps to Improve Your Credit Score

April 14, 2011

Improving your credit score quickly is possible if you’re talking about a small improvement but to raise your credit score significantly you’ll have to put in some effort. Credit Score Strategy & Tactics The best long term way to improve your credit score is to make regular timely payments and keep your balances low.  This is a […]

How to Improve Your Credit Score

April 3, 2011

Improving your credit score is key to borrowing money at lower interest rates. As I covered in my last post about how to lower your credit card interest rates, a low credit score can cost you a lot of money. That post shared strategies from David Bach that you could use right away to pay less in […]

How to Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rates

March 28, 2011

Lowering the interest rate on your credit card is one of the top concerns for people who are stumbling under the weight of credit card debt.  So it’s no surprise that David Bach’s chapter seven in his new book “Debt Free for Life”, has the title of “How to Lower the Interest Rate on Your Credit […]

myFICO Review

January 11, 2011

myFICO is the consumer credit score site of the creator of the FICO credit score system, Fair Isaacs.  You have several options on the myFICO site for finding your FICO score online and monitoring your FICO score. myFICO does charge for access to your score but offers a free credit score trial to let you […]

How Your Credit Score Impacts Interest Rates

July 12, 2010

Your credit report plays a major role in the interest rates you qualify for when you apply for a home loan. A good credit score could save you a lot of money in mortgage interest charges over the life of your new loan or refinance. Credit Scores Affect Interest Rates I saw this first hand […]

College Graduates & Credit Scores

May 25, 2010

Getting insurance after college was yesterday’s topic, along with a few tips on managing your credit after graduation. I had a few follow up questions come in about credit reports and credit scores so today I’ll talk more about how your credit can affect your life after college and what you can do about it. […]

College Graduate Insurance & Credit Tips

May 24, 2010

As a recent college graduate, things like health insurance and your credit score are topics you’ll have to start figuring out now that you’re venturing out on your own. Health Insurance for College Graduates The good news is that finding temporary health insurance for college graduates may not be as urgent as it once was.  […]

Free Credit Report from Experian

April 22, 2010

Experian is offering a free credit report for 30 days to American Express cardholders.  I logged into my credit card account and requested my credit score after I got an email about it this week.  I hadn’t checked my credit report in some time and was pleased to see it was still healthy. American Express partnered with […]

Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

September 15, 2009

Improving your credit score isn’t something that happens overnight but by following the suggestions below you should be able to raise your credit score over time. Don’t Pay Your Bills Late Your payment history is the most heavily weighted factor that goes into your credit score so make sure you’re at least making your minimum […]

Credit Report Disputes

July 1, 2009

One potential way to improve your credit score is to look through your credit reports for any misreported information, such as a late payment, and dispute your credit report.  1) Start off by getting a copy of your free credit report and looking for any errors. 2) If you find anything, check to see if the mistake […]

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