Pet Insurance 101

September 30, 2013

Pet insurance costs might be a little high for your budget right now but if you have a dog, cat, or some other beloved animal you should give some thought to what you’d do if your pet was really sick or badly injured. Would you pay thousands of dollars to your veterinarian to nurse your pet […]

Is an Online Degree Equivalent to a Traditional Degree?

September 27, 2013

With the rise of the Internet, bringing with it advanced technology and the ability to interact online – including via video – more students are interested in the opportunities that arise from Internet courses. My husband teaches online courses for the local state university in our town. These classes count toward a degree. Not only […]

No-Load Mutual Funds vs. Load Mutual Funds

September 26, 2013

A no-load vs. load mutual fund, which is better? This was a reader question that came in through the contact form a while back. A “no-load” mutual fund is one in which the investment company sells it directly to the public. A mutual fund with a “load” is one in which the investment company sells […]

5 Ways to Pay Off Your House Early

September 24, 2013

Paying off your house is probably something that you’d love to do but like many of us you don’t have the funds to make it happen. Today we’ll look at some ways that you can make a dent in the amount you owe on your home loan and pay off your house early. Paying it […]

How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill with Ting

September 23, 2013

For many Americans a family cell phone plan is a necessity to keep in contact with the hectic schedules we all have. Johnny needs a cell phone to call his mom after practice so she remembers to come pick him up, while his dad needs it to stay in touch with the family when he’s […]

My 3 Biggest Money Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

September 20, 2013

Like most of us, I’ve made my share of money mistakes. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been able to recover from most of them without too much damage to my finances. However, there are a few that still affect my finances years later, even after they’ve been mostly corrected. Here they are including how you […]

How to Analyze Stock Performance (Fundamental Analysis)

September 19, 2013

Many investors are interested in identifying individual stocks that can add value to their portfolios. Adding individual stocks to your portfolio is a bit more hazardous than simply investing in a mutual fund or an ETF. With mutual funds and ETFs, you are investing in a group of stocks, and so the end result is […]

5 Part-Time Business Ideas for College Students

September 18, 2013

You’re a college student, and money is tight, so how do you earn the money that you need in the very limited amount of time you have available? While it’s common to think about getting a part-time job, having a part-time business can actually work better for you as a college student, both in regard […]

7 Ways to Advertise Your Business on a Shoestring

September 17, 2013

Very few businesses can run strictly on referral business. In fact, if you have a startup business, there will be no referral business at all. Since most businesses need to advertise on an ongoing basis, how can you advertise your business on a shoestring? 1. Build your own website. Having your own website is a […]

Why You Shouldn’t Lend Money to Family or Friends

September 16, 2013

Probably every one of us – at one time or another – have been confronted with a decision of whether or not to lend money to family or friends. Though I have never seen a survey confirming this, I have a strong suspicion that most people who have gone ahead and made the loan saw […]

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