Citi Cash Bonuses I Missed

May 31, 2010

Earlier this week I made a list of some of the best cash bonuses online and I’ve had some people point out that I missed a few.  I’ll go back and add them to the list but here are some details on one I overlooked: The Citi Forward credit card from Citibank will give you ThankYou […]

Memorial Day Savings

May 30, 2010

Many people think of Memorial Day weekend as a time to spend money because so many businesses have big Memorial Day sales.  I’m actually not planning on spending any money this weekend, other than a little on food and beer for a barbecue : ) However, for all of you hitting the Memorial Day sales, […]

Best Cash Bonuses Online

May 28, 2010

Cash bonuses are a decent way to bring in a little extra one-time money. You’ve probably experienced this first hand with local bank promotions where you get a bonus if you open a new account.  Typically these types of deals online are from banks and credit card companies who offer you a cash bonus if […]

How to Send Money With Your Phone

May 27, 2010

Sending money with your phone is getting easier as more banks are starting to offer person to person payment services.  If you belong to one of these banks you can send money with your phone simply by sending an email or text message.  The person you’re sending money to doesn’t even have to be a […]

Best Jobs for College Graduates

May 26, 2010

A lot of the best jobs for college graduates are in one of two fields, information technology or health care.  Forbes just published a list of the best jobs based on how much demand there will be in the years ahead and technology and health care related jobs were by far the most promising for college […]

College Graduates & Credit Scores

May 25, 2010

Getting insurance after college was yesterday’s topic, along with a few tips on managing your credit after graduation. I had a few follow up questions come in about credit reports and credit scores so today I’ll talk more about how your credit can affect your life after college and what you can do about it. […]

College Graduate Insurance & Credit Tips

May 24, 2010

As a recent college graduate, things like health insurance and your credit score are topics you’ll have to start figuring out now that you’re venturing out on your own. Health Insurance for College Graduates The good news is that finding temporary health insurance for college graduates may not be as urgent as it once was.  […]

ShareBuilder Stock Market Investing Survey

May 21, 2010

ShareBuilder, an online discount brokerage, ran a survey of investors at the beginning of this year to find out how the volatile stock market had effected their perception of investing. The criteria that ShareBuilder used was: “investors between the ages of 21 – 65 who have an investment account that enables them to buy stocks, funds and […]

How to Prepare for Being Laid Off

May 19, 2010

Being laid off often comes as a nasty surprise; many times its something you didn’t expect and in some cases something you didn’t plan for. Losing your job is quite a traumatic experience, not only is it financially chanllenging since your income is suddenly reduced, it’s also emotionally taxing as well. My wife found out yesterday […]

How Do You Choose an Online Broker?

May 18, 2010

Choosing an online discount broker isn’t a simple task if you’re anything like me.  There are many companies to choose from, each of which has different strengths and weaknesses and you want to be sure to choose the best one for you.  Just like picking a bank, insurance company, mortagage lender, or other financial service company […]

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