Angies List Review

May 31, 2009

Angies List reviews of local contractors are written by consumers who share their positive and negative experiences on a range of home improvement services.  Angie’s List members submit ratings of contractors they’ve worked with; such as plumbers, electricians, painters, and roofers. Angies List Trial I first tried out Angies List when a co-worker let me […]

What Would You Do If You Lost Your Job?

May 31, 2009

Losing your job is a big financial setback for multiple reasons. Not only do you lose a source of income but often times multiple benefits as well. For example, I have disability insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance through my employer’s plan that I’d have to re-evaluate if I was let go. There […]

Credit Score Tips You Need To Know

May 30, 2009

Your credit score is probably one of the most frequently used and misunderstood numbers in your life. Trying to figure out how to improve your credit score can be frustrating, in fact, there’s enough information about credit scores to fill a whole book! Liz Pulliam Weston shares a little about the updated version of her […]

5 Money Rules from Liz Weston

May 28, 2009

Liz Weston helped mentor the participants in the FNBO Direct Pay Yourself First challenge as they saved money for the trip of a lifetime, to buy a house, pay off college loans, to have a baby, and save for nursing school.  Although these are all different goals, as I read through the advice that Liz offered each […]

FNBO Direct Pay Yourself First Challenge

May 27, 2009

FNBO Direct sponsored a contest called the Pay Yourself First Challenge (PYF) during which contestants documented their attempt to save up money for a specific goal.  The idea behind the challenge was to get people to “pay themselves first” by direct depositing their paychecks into an online savings account, then transferring only what they need […]

Stock Market Index Cheat Sheet

May 26, 2009

The stock market indexes are names you’ve probably heard before if you follow any financial news.  Every day commentators report on the Dow being up, the S&P 500 being flat, or the Nasdaq being down; here’s a short cheat sheet on what the major indexes represent. Domestic Market Indexes Dow Jones Industrial Average: Also known as the […]

Credit Scores for College Graduates

May 25, 2009

Your credit score when you graduate from college is largely based on decisions you made while in school.  Those choices and your resulting credit history may impact some of the first things you do after graduation such as renting an apartment or buying a car.  We’ll take a look at some of the things that may […]

No More Commenting on This Site

May 25, 2009

Just kidding.  Actually, I discovered this morning, thanks to Lazy Man, that comments were disabled on the site.  Looking back it appears they’ve been that way for a few days.  I guess I should have noticed that something was wrong since I wasn’t even getting any spam comments.  Typically I get at least dozens of […]

Three Big Financial Decisions for College Graduates

May 24, 2009

Recent college graduates have some important money choices they have to make soon after graduation.  Some articles in the New York Times and on MSN Money Central take a look at a few of these big financial decisions. Buy a Home vs Rent an Apartment The subject of the New York Times article, Madison Nipp, […]

Emergency Funds for College Graduates

May 23, 2009

Emergency funds are for old married people, not recent college graduates, right? Just scraping by financially is an art form perfected by many college students. Creative ways to earn extra money in college and spend as little as possible helped you make it through school. Now that you’re leaving college and looking for a job it’s time to start […]

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