Why Babies Never Go Into Debt

May 21, 2007

When a baby is hungry, tired, or angry they cry. As we get older we become socialized and learn to hold back these crying fits to integrate into society. In some cases this habit of suppressing our emotions can be dangerous to our pocketbook. No Money = No Stuff When kids want something they don’t […]

Three Easy Ways to Lower Your Heating & Cooling Expenses

May 21, 2007

How long has it been since you’ve had your HVAC serviced? It had been six years for me until last week when I hired a local heating & cooling company to stop by for a tune-up visit. The friendly tech went over three simple things that can save us thousands of dollars. Check Your Air […]

Personal Finance Week in Review – Expensive Haircut Edition

May 20, 2007

We took our little guy to get his first haircut last weekend. It was a fun experience, at least until the lady gave us the bill. I couldn’t believe it cost $12 to cut a baby’s hair! He wasn’t in the chair more than 5 minutes; at that rate hairdressers could make $144 an hour […]

How I Earned a 1,359% Return in One Hour With Zero Risk

May 19, 2007

Investing in the stock market is great for regular annual returns of 10% but I’m convinced that if you want to make extraordinary returns then going into business for yourself is the way to go. I turned a $6 investment into $100 with only one hour of work through what I consider to be a […]

The Simple Secret of Investing

May 18, 2007

What’s the single most important factor in the value of an investment portfolio? Some might say risk or diversification. Others might think costs or taxes. These are all vitally important but not as crucial as the most basic investing principle. The good news is that getting this factor right is simple. As a matter of […]

Personal Finance Midweek Review – Merger & Acquisition Edition

May 17, 2007

Every time I turn on the financial news it seems like there is another corporate merger or acquisition going on. Reuters just agreed to a buyout by Thomson that would put it ahead of Bloomberg in market share as a provider of financial data, news and trading systems to the financial services industry. Another example […]

Credit Card Companies Tell the Truth?

May 16, 2007

I wrote the other day about companies that had announced changes to their credit card policies to be more consumer friendly. It seems at least one of them is following through. I didn’t realize it but one of my credit cards is currently subject to a default interest rate of 32.24%. We put most everything […]

10 Lies Big Companies Tell Their Employees

May 15, 2007

We’re Working On It Managers are busy; they often have one million requests in queue. Whatever it is might be “on their list” but they can only do one thing at a time. Often “we’re working on it” means we know about it and should do something about it but don’t have time so we’ll […]

Buy Flood Insurance While You Still Can!

May 14, 2007

Do you live in a low lying area? Do you have flood insurance? If not, you probably want to think about buying it sooner rather than later. Flood Insurance Lessons Learned I called our insurance company today to inquire about flood insurance after our week of home repair bills; here are a few things I […]

Personal Finance Week in Review – Reflection Edition

May 13, 2007

It’s always good to sit back and reflect on life and think about what’s really important. Of course today is Mother’s Day. Thanks to all the moms out there, especially mine! This has been a challenging week for some home owners in the Midwest. We came out okay but others encountered nasty flooding. Tough times […]

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