How to Get Your QuickBooks Questions Answered

May 31, 2007

A profitable business is nice; an organized and profitable venture is even nicer. My margins are high, expenses are low, and my income is becoming more regular but now I want to get a better overview of the big financial picture. QuickBooks Professional I purchased QuickBooks Pro for a great deal on eBay back in […]

How to Talk Your Way into Debt

May 30, 2007

Some people go into debt by buying too much house. Others spend too much on their credit cards. I met a guy today at the UPS store who managed to go into debt by simply talking too much. Cell Phone Debt He signed up with Verizon for cell phone service then two cell phones, hundreds […]

Musical Money – Carnival of Personal Finance #102

May 29, 2007

Come sing your money worries away at the Carnival of Personal Finance – Musical Money edition! Everyone loves a good tune, I’ve set about half of the submissions to music from Pink Floyd, Linda Ronstadt, Tupac Shakur, Kenny Rogers, The Beatles and more….. Check out the editor’s picks then look around for your favorite songs, […]

How to Use Credit Cards to Simplify Your Finances

May 28, 2007

Want to keep on top of your spending with minimal time & effort? Not only do credit cards offer cash back, if used properly they can also help you simplify & organize your finances. Use Credit Cards Wisely As I mentioned the other day, we use American Express Blue Cash to earn cash back but […]

Personal Finance Review – Backup Your Data Edition

May 27, 2007

During the course of my financial housekeeping this weekend I saved an older version of a spreadsheet over top of a new one. The mistake set me back hours & hours of work, which could have been avoided if I regularly backed up my data. I do have another copy of the spreadsheet but it’s […]

Financial Maintenance to Keep Your Money Engine Running Smooth

May 26, 2007

Just like every business has support tasks that keep the income generation going, every household has financial housekeeping that needs to be done to keep expenditures low and things running efficiently. I usually have too many things going on at once and tend to neglect some of these support tasks so this weekend I decided […]

Personal Finance Midweek Review – PayPal Reports Edition

May 24, 2007

PayPal has new reporting features that allow users to get a good overview of all their online financial activity for a specified time period. I use PayPal for the majority of my online transactions so I was eager to try out the new reports when I saw them announced today. The report I looked at […]

Donald Trump, You’re Fired!

May 23, 2007

What goes around comes around Donald. For six seasons now Trump has “fired” a different aspiring business person every night in his television show “The Apprentice”. Television viewers have now fired Trump as the show’s ratings have fallen by nearly two thirds since the first breakout season. Some may disagree with me but the end […]

How To Avoid Losing Your Paycheck

May 23, 2007

Several months after getting married my cleanly wife was a little too ambitious in her cleaning and threw her first paycheck in the trash. Luckily, I discovered it the next day before the trash man came and after an hour of digging through the dumpster in our apartment complex I unearthed the precious check. Needless […]

Life Insurance Questions & Answers

May 22, 2007

Our insurance company sent us an advertisement listing several questions about life insurance. The spin was “don’t let unanswered questions keep you from getting the financial protection your family needs.” So I called them up to see how they answered the questions. My plan is to go back and do my own research on life […]

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