The Best Seasonal Jobs for College Students

January 1, 2013

When you’re a college student, you’re not always in a position where you can handle a year-round job. But you might be looking for seasonal jobs just to earn some money to get you through a short spell. Fortunately, there a lot of seasonal jobs, and there are several for each season. Winter It’s often […]

Pay Off Student Debt Early?

August 21, 2012

Student loan debt has been in the news a lot lately and not for any good reasons. Some see student loans as being the next potential bubble to blow, not unlike the mortgage loan mess of a few years ago (that’s still being worked out even now). Will they go the way of mortgages and […]

How is an Online School Better Than a Traditional University?

November 6, 2011

I’v written about online degree programs in the past and gotten feedback from both sides about how an online school compares to a traditional college or university. A while back Rishona shared why she preferred going to school online and just last week I met another guy who had a good experience taking classes online. […]

Best Checking Accounts For College Students

July 30, 2011

The best checking accounts for college students are those with no fees, no minimum balance, online banking, and good interest rates. If you’re leaving for college soon and you don’t have a checking account opened up, you should start thinking about it now. You’ll definitely need a place to stash the little cash that you’ll […]

College Graduate Roundup

May 22, 2011

Graduation parties can be a bittersweet event for college graduates.  You’re relieved that all your hard work has paid off and you finally have your degree. It’s definitely a good reason to have a big party but as you celebrate with your classmates you realize that life as you know it is ending.  While the new […]

Student Tips for Online Classes

March 1, 2011

Studying for a online degree has some challenges that you might not see in a regular college classroom.  After sharing her experiences yesterday with an online masters degree and her thoughts on online education, I asked Rishona if she could offer some tips for students who will be taking taking courses online.  Here they are: 1) […]

Why an Online Masters Degree?

February 28, 2011

The value of an online masters degree for your career was something we discussed last year so when I met Rishona Campbell and learned she was halfway through her online masters degree program I wanted to know why she’d chosen to do it online. I asked if she’d write a little about her experiences – below is […]

Online Master’s Degrees & Your Career

November 2, 2010

Has your college degree declined in value over the years? These days a bachelor’s degree is almost a must to even get a job and many professionals are turning to a Master’s degree to help them get ahead. Unfortunately working full-time and trying to get to a physical classroom on a regular basis can be […]

MBA Programs Q&A

October 29, 2010

After looking at how to choose an MBA program and some tips on MBA programs for young professionals I thought I’d talk with a few people who had already earned an MBA degree and get their feedback. I asked Sam from Financial Samurai, Dan at Darwin’s Money, and Neil from Vannoy Advisory Group a few questions […]

MBA Programs for Generation Earn

October 28, 2010

Since MBA programs and their value are are this week’s topic I turned to US News and World Report columnist and author Kimberly Palmer. You’ve probably heard of the US News & World report college rankings but you may not have heard about Kimberly’s new book, Generation Earn.  The second chapter is titled “Job Juggling” and […]

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