How is an Online School Better Than a Traditional University?

November 6, 2011

I’v written about online degree programs in the past and gotten feedback from both sides about how an online school compares to a traditional college or university. A while back Rishona shared why she preferred going to school online and just last week I met another guy who had a good experience taking classes online. He went back to school to help his career, here is what he had to say.

There are several different areas you can study in order to become a better job candidate and even get further along in your current position. If you are working at a job and are worried about your future employment, continuing your education can relieve your worries and give you the confidence needed to succeed.

No longer do you have to rely on the old university and community college system in order to launch your career and earning potential to new heights. By taking classes online, you are given security, safety, and convenience that is unrivaled by the traditional college system. Here are the five reasons why taking classes online is trumping the traditional university method of education:

Increased Job Skills
In this turbulent economy, there will always be unemployed people who could rise up and take your current job very easily. Instead of clenching onto the cliff of your position with a tight grip, you can pull yourself back onto the ledge and gain a view of the scenery.

Obtaining an online degree in English will give you the skills necessary to write compelling newsletters and internal memos for your company. If you receive an online accounting degree, you can continue your current position while helping to adjust the books. Even a general business degree will give you the skills to help your business market and budget itself more efficiently.

More Employer Desire
If you want to break into a management position at any company, there is a good chance that your employer will want you to have a degree in order for promotional consideration. Instead of getting left behind, you can further your career by simply getting a degree in the field required by your job. Some companies are even willing to fit the bill for your advanced education.

Advanced Degrees
Attending classes online doesn’t limit your options for getting the degree you want. Many people think they are limited to basic business and humanities classes because of the structure that surrounds online learning. A lot of people are intimidated by professors at universities who impose their will on students and criticize them if they do not agree with their views.

With video conferencing from services like Skype, interactive social media forums, and blazing fast broadband Internet connections, it is possible to receive a doctorate degree, MBA, or even a JD degree all in the comfort of your own home.

Work, School, and Life Balance
One of the most difficult parts about returning to school is the time it takes out of your schedule. Most classes are held during the day at universities and community colleges. In order to receive the credits you need to earn a degree, you will probably have to excuse yourself from work, commute to campus, attend a boring lecture, and then commute back to the office. This takes up valuable work time and can make you look weak in the eyes of your employer.

Easily Transferable Credits
If you are looking to get the full university experience, but cannot afford it due to time or money constraints, then online college is the perfect place to get your start. Some people might find the task of transferring credits between online and physical colleges demanding. The state of California has recently created a program that allows people to find out if their credits are transferable, sorts through the jargon of online learning, and gives online school a new sense of legitimacy with the public.

Deciding to go to school is a serious financial decision, but the benefits almost always outweigh the costs and initial hardships. Make sure to conduct research into which online school you want to attend and do not do it unless you are 100 percent committed to your education.


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