Why an Online Masters Degree?

February 28, 2011

The value of an online masters degree for your career was something we discussed last year so when I met Rishona Campbell and learned she was halfway through her online masters degree program I wanted to know why she’d chosen to do it online. I asked if she’d write a little about her experiences – below is […]

QuickBooks Weekend Roundup

February 27, 2011

We had dinner this weekend with my good friend who prepares the taxes for my business.  I probably should have been at home working on getting together my documents rather than hanging out since I’ve spent the rest of the weekend working on taxes. Luckily, I use QuickBooks and it makes the task a lot […]

Netflix Free Trial Can Save You Money

February 26, 2011

A Netflix promo offer might be able to save you a chunk of money.  The one month Netflix free trial offer has been around for new customers for a while but I wanted to share how using Netflix has saved us money.  The cool thing is you can test it out for a month and […]

Online Brokerages Tax Software & Training

February 24, 2011

Online brokerages can offer tools that can make tax planning and tax preparation easier. If you calculated your capital gains taxes on stock sales last year on your own, you might wish there was any easier way to track the details when you’re selling stocks.  It can be a pain keeping track of the purchase […]

American Express Expresspay

February 23, 2011

American Express has a way to use your credit card without having to physically swipe it at the cash register. I used it the other day at Walgreens and it’s pretty slick – it’s a neat use of technology called American Express expresspay.  You make your payment and earn your reward points or cash back by just […]

Saving Money in Crazy Ways – Carnival of Personal Finance #297

February 21, 2011

Even though the recession is technically over, many of us are still looking for creative ways to save money. Or at least make more money. Or better our finances. This Carnival of Personal Finance highlights great ways to improve your personal economy — no matter what the national economy is doing. Most sections has a […]

Angies List Scams

February 20, 2011

Angies List came to my mind when I heard several recent examples of contractor scams on the news and in person. Just last month the Angies List magazine featured some of the worst contractors in the country and profiled common scams that involved things like false or decieving advertising, sneaky sales tactics, bad service, or cases […]

Home Security System Savings

February 15, 2011

Can a home security system help you save enough money on your home owner’s insurance to make it worth the expense?  The answer really depends on why you’re considering installing a security system. One of the main benefits of having a security system is the sense of protection it can offer. You’re paying for the […]

What are the Best Credit Cards for You?

February 14, 2011

The best credit card for you really depends on how you use your card – that’s how I started my email to a lady named Brigid who recently joined my email newsletter and was asking what the best credit card was for her to use. I actually met Brigid a few months ago at a local […]

Valentines Day Savings Roundup

February 13, 2011

My wife and I celebrated Valentines early – we actually had a free baby-sitter so we went out for dinner and a movie last night.  We stopped into the neighboring Barnes and Noble for a bit after the movie let out so my wife could skim through some magazines. I tagged along to that part of the store […]

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