QuickBooks Weekend Roundup

February 27, 2011

We had dinner this weekend with my good friend who prepares the taxes for my business.  I probably should have been at home working on getting together my documents rather than hanging out since I’ve spent the rest of the weekend working on taxes.

Luckily, I use QuickBooks and it makes the task a lot easier.  I looked back and about this time last year I wrote about QuickBooks accounting software and how I used in in my preparation.  Unfortunately, there’s still one complaint I had from last year that’s not corrected, and a new one.

Chase still only lets you download 3 months of transaction history so I couldn’t import most of that data, I had to key it in manually.  I’ve written good things about Chase credit cards but I don’t understand why they limit you to such a limited timeframe of downloads.  My local bank online savings accounts, PayPal, American Express, Vanguard, and every other financial institution I use lets me go back much further than three months – so why can’t Chase?

I also hit a speed bump with PayPal. Although they let you search and download on any data you need, I couldn’t find a way to download PayPal transactions in format that QuickBooks could import.  Which of course meant I had to manully enter all of those as well.  Maybe I missed something but it was a real bummer.  Anyhow, I’ve been cranking out the tax stuff so the list of money posts to check out is shorter this week, enjoy.


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