Best Credit Cards for Online Shopping

September 30, 2010

The best credit cards for shopping online will give you both purchase protection and rewards on the money you spend.  While credit cards typically give you more protection from fraudulent vendors or disputed charges than debit cards, not all cards offer the same level of service. Here are a few areas to consider when choosing […]

Online Broker Reviews 2010

September 29, 2010

Online brokers are reviewed on a variety of categories every year by Smart Money magazine.  This year’s brokerage reviews came out at the beginning of the summer and the results show that competition is good for you and me. Brokerage Competition Competition has gotten extremely hot between all of the online brokerages. The financial crisis […]

8 Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance

September 27, 2010

Your car insurance bill is one that you’ll be paying every month for a long time. So even if it’s just a little each month, anything you can do to save money on auto insurance will add up over time. There are many different factors that determine how much your insurance company will charge for the […]

Your Mortgage Dating Guide

September 26, 2010

Other than deciding to get married, buying a house is probably the biggest financial decision you’ll make in your life.  Many of us sink an enormous amount of time and effort into finding the perfect spouse, and rightly so.  But how many people put enough thought into finding the right home mortgage? I recently started contributing […]

Blue Cash Late Payment Relief

September 25, 2010

One of the rules of the Blue Cash card is that you won’t earn cash back on spending if you have a late payment.  Until now I had thought you lost your cashback for the whole year if your payment was late just once.  Seemed kind of drastic to me but I figured that’s how […]

Money for College Students

September 24, 2010

Going away to college can be a lot of fun but it can also be kind of stressful thanks to all the responsibilities that you suddenly have to bear.  One of big stresses when you’re settling into college life is figuring out how to pay for it all.  Not just the big college tuition bill […]

American Express TrueEarnings & Rewards Cards

September 23, 2010

The TrueEarnings card is one of the latest American Express rewards cards covered recently on the credit card section of this site.  Several months ago I had promised a monthly review of the latest additions to that section but then we decided to try and sell our house and all my plans went out the window. […]

3 Simple Ways to Invest $500 Online

September 22, 2010

This is a guest post by Ramsay at  You can enter to win $500 by subscribing to their blog.  Visit to enter the giveaway. In the past, investing money was limited to a few vehicles, most of which were accessible by working with a local company. Today, however, the Internet opens numerous investment […]

Best Restaurant Credit Cards

September 16, 2010

The best restaurant credit cards won’t do much for your bottom line if you carry a balance since the interest you pay on the restaurant credit card will outweigh the rewards you earn.  However, if you pay it off each month, a good rewards card with restaurant perks can help you earn points or cashback when you […]

Waterproofing Your Basement Against Costly Damage

September 14, 2010

Basic basement waterproofing can be done for a relatively low price; much cheaper than the eventual cost of long term water damage that can result in your foundation and finished basement walls and carpet. Basement water damage can take several costly forms and often the wet basement isn’t caused by water from a roaring flood but rather […]

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