Musical Money – Carnival of Personal Finance #102

May 29, 2007

Come sing your money worries away at the Carnival of Personal Finance – Musical Money edition! Everyone loves a good tune, I’ve set about half of the submissions to music from Pink Floyd, Linda Ronstadt, Tupac Shakur, Kenny Rogers, The Beatles and more….. Check out the editor’s picks then look around for your favorite songs, enjoy!

Editors Picks
These articles caught my eye, who knows which will catch yours. Read on to find out.

-Alice Cooper has “Skeletons in his closet”. The Financial Jungle warns us about The Dirty Secret Behind Closet Index Funds. Don’t pay fees for a managed fund that mirrors a low-cost index fund.

-“Mmm mmm, my makeup’s got a secret”, says Madonna. SavingAdvice lets us in on a little secret with Costly Secrets Cosmetic Companies Don’t Want You To Know. “Often, the same company will produce both an expensive and an inexpensive line under different brand names, and the products will contain virtually identical ingredients.” Sneaky!

-Anothery sneaky sales tactic, My Two Dollars warns you Why Your Next Mattress Will Never Be Free. Consumers beware the tricks retailers use to get you into the store and make the sale.

-“If I could turn back time”. The Dough Roller reflects on inflation predictions from 1978. What can we learn from the past?

-EquityScout :: Real Estate Investing presents Investors vs. Speculators :: which one are you? I first read about investors vs speculators in Benjamin Graham’s Intelligent Investor. The same logic applies to real estate.

-The Money Mythos presents Why you need more than an index fund, “you can increase your returns for the same, or less, risk”. If you have all your your money in an S&P index fund, here’s a look at how you can diversify.

Musical Money

-Forget lost salt shakers in Margaritaville, how about tax havens in Dominica!

-When Wierd Al says “I think I’m a clone now”, if others are using your identity you just might be as well. Fraudfiles warns us of Synthetic Identity Fraud.

-You’ve got to know when to hold ’em. Know when to fold ’em. Know when to walk away and deduct your losses.

-If you and Carole King think, “It’s too late baby, now it’s too late”, then you’re wrong! It’s never too late, start saving for retirement now.

-Ever wonder why your credit reports don’t match across TransUnion, Experian, Equifax? Like the Beastie Boys said, it’s Ill Communication.

-Are we “Puttin’ On the Ritz”? Lazy Man and Money presents Are We Living Larger or Living Differently?

-“We don’t need no education!” Campus Grotto disagrees with Pink Floyd and gives us ten tips for getting a scholarship.

-Althought the Broadway musical Rent is very popular, Paul advises us not to rent but buy a home instead.

-The Bullet Boys say it’s all about the “money, money, money!” Here’s a way to put some extra money in your checking account, $75 by May 31st.

-While British band Madness sings about “Our House, in the middle of our street”, My Personal Finance Odyssey asks was buying a more expensive house a good investment?

-While De La Soul sings about Shopping Bags, ProBargainHunter talks about his smart shopping philosophy.

-“You gotta fight! For your right! To be independent of your parents, huh? I thought it was “to party”! I guess it’s not the Beastie Boys, plonkee asks whether she can take money from her parents and still be independent.

-How do people with average IQ scores end up rich? They think like Tupac, it’s just “Me Against The World” . Research shows these people make their own rules, get knocked down and get up again, succeed through social intelligence, and take more risks which lead to more rewards.

It’s the end of the world as we know it! A falling dollar, Social Security pyramid scheme, and incredible government deficits, are almost dragging our whole world direct to an economic collapse. In addition Fil-am tells us how the falling dollar will effect us.

-As the Beatles sing about the Taxman, Kristine asks are you ready for the ecommerce tax?

-Even though Alice Cooper lets us know “Schools out for summer!” Save to Quit reminds us there’s life after summer and tells us Paying for College–4 Secrets You Should Know.

-“Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Life Goes On”, with universal life insurance and additional life insurance.

-“Take a little trip, Take a little trip… Low rider don’t use no gas now”. My Own Millions presents 11 Ways to Save Gas and Robert gives us One Road to Lower Gas Prices.

-This author contests the latest price gouging law even though it passed. He “fought the law and the law won.” Everyday Finance presents Should our Lawmakers Save us from Free Market Forces?

-Don’t worry Happy Rock, Linda Ronstadt tells you, “Somewhere out there” is a personal finance system that is right for you.

-“Round, round get around, I get around”. While the Beach Boys weren’t talking about stocks, getting around to all different types of investments and avoiding a 100% stock investment helps keep your portfolio diversified.

-“Mamma told me there’ll be days like this”. What would we do without mamma? The Digerati Life sounds off on mom’s pay.

-“Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie”. Where will you be the day the music dies?A new study shows that the American Dream is getting harder to achieve with each generation.

-“He works hard for his money”, and Kevin found a way to save hundreds of it with Geico.

-The Time & Money group asks, Homebuilders Rallying: How Could This Be? In my opinion it looks like they’ll be “shot down in a blaze of glory!

-MoneyChangesThings offers a $300 prom challenge & financial education for “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”.

-“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes….” My Money Blog presents In Defense Of Buying: Our Housing Situation Explained. Johnathon knows what he wants but might have to wait out the real estate market to get what he needs.

-Can Prosper make me “free to do what I want any old time”? Finandom asks if we can leverage Prosper to achieve financial freedom?

-“Like a rollin stone”, Accumulating Money asks if we can rollover our 401k while still employed?

-Two years ago Getting Green decided to stop “workin for the man every night and day” and get serious about his debt.

-“Don’t look now, There’s a monkey on your back! Why can’t you set your monkey free?” HOWTO: Tackle Your Debt in Five Simple Step.


-The Sun’s Financial Diary presents Zecco Free Trading Account Opened, Plus a Review.

-Stock Trading 101 presents 6 Tips to Becoming a Successful Online Investor.

-FiveCentNickel presents Net Worth vs. Net Investable Assets.

Opportunities A Plenty presents Are Commodities the Next High Yield Investment?

-InsureBlog presents Taking Time (Off, that is). “Think you’re ready for your retirement? Here are some disturbing stats that show you might not be.”

-Money Analyst helps us decide Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA – Which one is Better.

-My Wealth Builder presents Risk Allocation In A Wealth Portfolio.

Investment Jungle does some in-depth analysis into Encore Wire Company (WIRE)

Real Estate

-Salt Lake Real Estate gives us Condo Questions You Shouldn’t Forget To Ask.

-Smart Money Daily presents How Skipping One Phone Call Cost Me $100k. “I felt like I needed to decide if I wanted to be rich or poor…obvious answer right. If I wanted to not be poor, we needed to purchase a house…ASAP.”

-Grad Money Matters presents Rent Vs. Own: A Look at Our Expenditure Then, and Our Expenditure Now.

-Plus 6 presents Don’t buy a home warranty.

Credit & Debt

-Don’t let anyone borrow money, Money and Credit presents Family Screwing.

-Here’s one that could be titled “How to lose money with credit card arbitrage” from Moneymonk, Credit Card Arbitrage.

-Cash Money Life presents Debit Cards – Take Them or Leave Them?

-Mighty Bargain Hunter presents Debit, schmebit!

-Money, Matter, and More Musings presents Forcing Credit Card Awareness: There Should Be A Credit Card Qualifying Test.

Personal Finance

-Queercents presents Almost Debt Free: Organize Finances with Goals and Simple, Repeatable Systems.

-Blunt Money presents Automating Your Finances.

-Flexo from Consumerism Commentary presents How to Make Money With John Adams Presidential Dollar Coins.

-Fundszine presents Emergency fund.

-Home Finance Freedom presents Best-Worst Financial Measures: How To Track Your Financial Independence and Security.

-The Money Well presents Are You Pouring Money Down The Drain?

-Poorer Than You presents State of the War Address, an update on the financial objectives she set for herself at the beginning of the year.

-Rich Minx presents Money and Work Lessons via The Simpsons.

-The Finance Buff presents Successful Business Strategy: Selling Hope.

-Cheap as chips presents Making it happen.

-Stingy Student presents Throwing Away Money

-Living Almost Large presents Tipping for Takeout?

-Make Your Nut presents Advice for New Graduates: The Tao of the Job Hunt.

-FIRE Finance presents Online Checking Accounts: Part 3 – FreeNet Checking From EverBank.

-FitBuff presents How to Get Free Cable & Phone.

-Growing Money presents A Meeting With My Financial Planning Consultant.


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