Why I Love My American Express Blue Cash Card – Amex Blue Cash Review

December 27, 2010

Blue Cash from American Express is one of the top cash back cards, click here to see if you qualify for it’s rewards. Review last updated, September 2011. Credit cards can be a useful financial tool for those that access credit responsibly; they can actually be used as a way to make some extra money! […]

American Express Blue Cash Card Can Help You Move

November 2, 2008

The American Express blue cash card is one of the best credit cards to use for your moving expenses because of it’s cash back program and it’s services that can make the details of moving easier. The cashback you earn on the money you spend for moving expenses won’t be spectacular but it will help […]

The Best Credit Cards In Their Class

September 7, 2007

Aleksandra Todorova from Smart Money magazine put together a list of the top credit cards for students, rewards programs, cash or gas rebates, financial rewards, and low rates.  He provides a thorough comparison of the cards considered and explains the benefits of each card recommended. Here are the highlights: Student CardsThe Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa Card […]

How to Use Credit Cards to Simplify Your Finances

May 28, 2007

Want to keep on top of your spending with minimal time & effort? Not only do credit cards offer cash back, if used properly they can also help you simplify & organize your finances. Use Credit Cards Wisely As I mentioned the other day, we use American Express Blue Cash to earn cash back but […]