How to Start Saving for Summer Vacation – Start Now!

January 28, 2014

It’s a time-honored tradition: When summertime comes around, it’s time to go on vacation. However, vacations can get expensive if you aren’t careful. When I was growing up, most of our summer trips revolved around the great outdoors. With five kids, my parents weren’t too keen on flying us around. Instead, we did a lot […]

5 Ways to Own Your New Year’s Resolutions

December 31, 2013

As this year ends and a new one begins, we set out to make our New Year’s resolutions. Two primary themes usually emerge – getting into shape and saving more money. Unfortunately for us, author and psychologist Richard Wiseman found that 88% of people who make New Year’s resolutions don’t keep them. Here are some ways […]

How to Handle Money Discussions Around the Holiday Table

November 21, 2013

My dentist has mounted a flat screen TV on the ceiling right above the dentist chair. As a result, as my teeth were cleaned the other day, I had a clear view of the Today show and what they were talking about. In one of the segments I watched, the hosts discussed holiday table etiquette with […]

How to Create an Effective Long-Term Financial Plan

November 12, 2013

Long-term financial planning is a key part of building wealth over time and creating your own success. Creating an effective long-term financial plan can seem like a daunting task, however. In fact, many people get scared of the idea of creating such a plan, unsure of how they will be able to plan that far […]

Ready to Move? Consider Renting in Your New Town First!

September 4, 2013

When making a move, it seems like a nice idea to buy a home first, and move in. However, it might make sense to rent for a little while first, especially if you plan to sell your old home. Here’s why it might make sense to rent first: Finances Trying to pay two mortgages can […]

How to Negotiate Your Rent Payment

August 16, 2013

The lease on your home or apartment is coming up for renewal and you’re wondering about negotiating a lower rent payment, or at least to avoid an increase – how do you do that? After all, in many rental markets, an annual increase in rent is practically the norm. How can you fight the trend […]

4 Moves to Consider Before Interest Rates Rise

July 2, 2013

There are expectations that interest rates could rise soon. With the Federal Reserve announcing earlier this month that it will begin tapering asset purchases, and with Treasury yields starting to creep up, the signs are there for some higher interest rates. While there is no way to completely predict what will happen next with the […]

Smart Places to Keep Cash

April 1, 2013

There’s nothing more liquid than cash. Having access to cash when you need it is an important part of financial planning. It’s not just about keeping cash in an emergency fund, either. You need to make sure you have access to cash even during times when you might not have immediate access to your bank […]