The Finances of Homeschooling

August 21, 2013

When it comes to my son’s education, I’ve never considered homeschooling. Our personalities are such that it probably wouldn’t work out very well. I don’t like the idea of having to keep him on task with his education, and he just doesn’t like learning anything from me (it’s why someone else teaches him piano – […]

What Were We Thinking?

November 23, 2011

Do you ever have one of those moments in life where you stop dead in your tracks, smack yourself in the forehead, and say “what was I thinking!” I’m sure we’ve all had moments like that, I think it’s just part of being human. I’ve actually been having that thought more often lately, and it’s […]

Affording Family Lifestyle Design

October 5, 2011

Rachel and Greg Denning travel the world with their kids and honestly make me fee like kind of a wimp.  I struggle taking our two little ones on a 6 hour drive through the Midwest, they’re taking their 5 kids on a massive road trip from Alasksa to Argentia! The Denning’s lifestyle fascinates me not […]

Prenups & Beyond: 6 Tips for Money and Divorce

June 25, 2011

When you go through a divorce, you not only endure emotional bankruptcy, you could face financial bankruptcy as well.  Divorce is actually a common cause for bankruptcy in the US, more often for women than men.  Although divorce is the probably the last thing on your mind when you get engaged and get married there a […]

Clariity Family Gift Cards & Financial Plans

March 17, 2011

Clariity is a new financial planning company with a gifting option that reminds me of my grandfather giving me Wal-Mart stock as a present when I was a kid. Clariity doesn’t give you stock but it does let you contribute money to help your friends or family towards their financial goals.  A concept kind of […]

10 Cheap Kids Birthday Party Tips

June 30, 2010

Looking to save money on your kids birthday party?  Yesterday my co-worker was bemoaning the cost of his girl’s birthday party, apparently his wife went a little overboard and could have used a few tips on cheap party ideas, so I decided to share a few from the recent Star Wars birthday we put on […]

Borrowing Money from Family

June 17, 2010

Borrowing money from family has kept people out of the cold for thousands of years. It hasn’t always taken the form of borrowing money directly but the family structure has offered food, shelter, jobs, and loans to brothers, sisters, parents, and all manner of family members. Lending money to people you know is always tricky, […]

Teach Your Kids How to Manage Money in 7 Easy Lessons

September 28, 2009

As a parent, you are responsible for teaching your kids how to manage money. No matter what their age, children should start learning how to manage money throughout their childhood. Children taught these lesson turn tend to turn into financially responsible adults instead of jobless and in debt adults sitting on their parents’ couches watching […]

Life is Short: Save & Spend Wisely for Those Left Behind

September 17, 2009

Do you ever ask yourself why you’re being such a stickler with your money? We save and invest money for “the future” but how do we know when that future we’ve been preparing for becomes the present? My Grandmother’s Apartment My kids and I paid an evening visit to my grandmother this week, just so they could […]

Costs of Raising Children – Kid Expenses Continued

September 8, 2009

Yesterday I wrote about the costs of raising children and got a few emails reminding me of some of the costs that I left off the list.  I don’t know how I missed some of these like childcare and insurance since they’re pretty big chunks of money.  I guess there are so many expenses it’s […]

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