3 Surprising Corporate Credit Card Lessons

May 31, 2012

I resisted opening a corporate credit card for years in fear of what it would mean for my credit score. I also preferred to charge things on my personal credit card and earn cash back on the spending. However this Spring I paid for two conferences and the only guaranteed way to get reimbursed was to put […]

How to Create a Budget in Under 10 Minutes a Day

May 17, 2012

One of the biggest reasons people don’t have a budget is because of time constraints. Especially when it comes to starting your budget, gathering all of the information you need and picking a budgeting program or designing your own budget spreadsheet can be time consuming. Luckily, a budget doesn’t need to be very complicated to […]

Why Your Investments Care if You Use a Broker vs Fiduciary

May 15, 2012

[I know advisors at Registered Investment Adivsors (RIA) firms who frequently emphasize the difference between what they do as a fiduciary and the role that brokers fill – and what that distinction means for you as investor.  Jeremy Brenn’s firm is a RIA and today I’ve asked him to explain why your kid’s college fund […]

Build Your Dream Fund for Your Next Big Idea

May 11, 2012

If you think you’ll never have a million dollar idea, watch Shark Tank on Friday nights and you might change your mind. I think I relate the most to the parents of little kids who come up with cool business ideas inspired by their children. On Shark Tank, current or aspiring entrepreneurs present their products to a […]