How to Find a Doctor, Accountant, or Plumber You Can Trust in a New City

October 31, 2008

People enjoy being comfortable, and moving takes us out of our comfort zone. We leave behind old friends, a familiar school district, the restaurants we love, and the advisors we trust. It can take years to to find and build relationships with quality professionals like our doctor, accountant, contractor, financial planner, and attorney. It’s stressful and […]

Moving Expenses – Paying Bills On Time & Avoiding New Fees

October 30, 2008

When you’re caught up in the mayhem of a big move, the thought of setting up a new utility account or closing out a cable bill may be one of the last things on your mind. It seems there are always additional expenses when closing out old accounts and opening up new ones, and many of us […]

5 Tips For Reducing Your Moving Expenses

October 29, 2008

Recently, my wife and I made a long distance move from Jacksonville, Florida to Orlando, Florida. We were no strangers to moving, it was our third time making a move in four years. Hopefully, it will be our last move for a while! Through our many moves, we’ve lived and learned about things to do […]

TradeKing Brokerage $50 Bonus for New Accounts

October 29, 2008

TradeKing’s $50 bonus for opening a new account promotion has been extended through the end of next month.  TradeKing sent out an email last night talking about how the current economic conditions have effected the volume of trading and that despite the uncertainty in the market they’re seeing a lot of new people trying out […]

How to Cut Your Moving Costs

October 29, 2008

Packing up and moving to another part of town or to a new city can be an expensive experience if you don’t manage your moving costs. Of course the average moving expenses will vary depending on factors like how far you’re moving, how much stuff you’re taking, and whether you hire a moving company or not; […]

John McCain – What Will He Do With Your Money?

October 28, 2008

We are currently examining the economic policies of the presidential candidates. First, we looked at some of the economic policies of Barack Obama, and today we’ll take a look at John McCain’s plan bring the economy out of its current slump. Both candidates have stark differences when it comes to their philosophy for changing the […]

Investing Strategy Review – Retirement Accounts and Timing the Market

October 28, 2008

When I wrote about investing in the stock market last week I raised some questions from people about whether we were getting out of the market and trying to time the market.  I thought I’d address those questions so that I don’t give the wrong impression. Retirement Accounts Basically what I did was pretty much stop […]

Making Money at Halloween

October 27, 2008

With the economy struggling many people are looking for ways to make some extra money.   I’ve written in the past about how to make money at Halloween, most of them require advance planning so it’s a little late for those this year. So if it’s too late why am I bringing it up?  The morning […]

Tax Deduction, Baby!

October 26, 2008

The Child Tax Credit is available to taxpayers who have a “qualifying child.” A person is a “qualifying child” if he or she has not attained the age of 17 by the end of the taxable year and meets the requirements of 26 U.S.C. Sec. 152(c). In general, a qualifying child is any individual for […]

Free Quicken Online & Wall Street Journal Free Trial

October 25, 2008

Quicken Online is Intuit’s web-based version of it’s popular personal finance software.  Quicken Online is even easier and simpler than the desktop version, offering a quick and easy way to track how you spend your money.  Now you can sign up for Quicken Online for free! The Wall Street Journal free trial gives you free access […]

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