Jean Chatzky’s Small Business Secrets to Success

February 14, 2012

You probably know Jean Chatzky as a personal finance author and journalist but when I interviewed her last week I was curious to hear a little about Jean Chatzky the business owner. Over the last 20 years she’s built a successful business out of helping people figure out thier money problems.  I wanted to know […]

Small Businesses Need Your Advice

December 17, 2008

Are women more entrepreneurial than men?  We’ve had twice as many women apply than men for the Small Business Stimulus Package so far.  Of course, it’s by no means a statistical indicator that women are more likely to start a small business, perhaps they are just more willing to share the details of their current […]

Small Business Stimulus – Market Research Tips

December 13, 2008

Market research is on the mind of the first featured applicant of the Small Business Stimulus package.  Sara is in the middle of the market research phase for a sewing and craft supplies business. You can read more in the small business section about her market, her plans for the business, and some suggestions I […]

Small Business Counseling and Services

December 9, 2008

Business owners and entrepreneurs are submitting their applications for the small business stimulus package!  Some the entries we’ve had so far are: photography business sewing and crafting supplies shop senior citizen assistance service Thanks to Anita Campbell for announcing the contest on her site, Small Business Trends. Business Sponsors We’ve also had some more sponors […]

John McCain – What Will He Do With Your Money?

October 28, 2008

We are currently examining the economic policies of the presidential candidates. First, we looked at some of the economic policies of Barack Obama, and today we’ll take a look at John McCain’s plan bring the economy out of its current slump. Both candidates have stark differences when it comes to their philosophy for changing the […]

Barack Obama vs John McCain – What Will They Do With Your Money?

October 25, 2008

The Presidential election is just over a week away, and there are millions of undecided voters out there. The economy seems to be the hottest topic for this election, because we have recently seen the stock market go crazy, investment banking firms go under, and the sub-prime mortgage industry wreak financial havoc throughout the country. […]

Direct Sales – Good Way to Make Extra Money or Fast Way to Lose Friends?

June 12, 2008

Want to make extra money while working from home?  You could join the thousands of other independent consultants, distributors or representatives that work in the direct sales industry and sell products or services directly to customers. The products are sold mainly via in-home product demonstrations, parties, and one-on-one selling. According to the Direct Selling Association, […]