How to Cut Your Moving Costs

October 29, 2008


Packing up and moving to another part of town or to a new city can be an expensive experience if you don’t manage your moving costs.

Of course the average moving expenses will vary depending on factors like how far you’re moving, how much stuff you’re taking, and whether you hire a moving company or not; but you can certainly make decisions that make the whole process cheaper.

Obviously if you can have some of your relocation expenses reimbursed by your employer that can make a dent in the cost but if you’re moving for reasons other than your job then you’ll be faced with the full expense yourself.  Unfortunately in tough economic times some people are moving because they may have lost a job or even their home.  Keeping moving expenses low is even more important in these cases since money is already very tight.

We know several people that moved recently due to housing needs and Erik’s family moved due to career reasons.  Over the next few days we’ll take a look at their experiences and how they found ways to cut costs and manage their finances while moving, check out the articles on moving expenses below:


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One Response to How to Cut Your Moving Costs

  • Amber Jones

    It is so important to set a budget for your move! We recently moved from Selma North Carolina to Austin Texas. That was a BIG move! There were a lot of things we had to take into consideration. We had to think about not only moving costs (Uhaul rentals, gas) but also food on the road for those helping us, airplane tickets back to North Carolina for them, Set up costs here (deposits, hook up fees, initial rent) not to mention groceries to refill the fridge and feed those that helped us move until their flight back home….

    There was so much to consider….

    Thankfully, we sat down and wrote out what we would need, erring on the side of caution… And we made it. We had enough to get down here and a lil more to get the few things we wanted to go ahead and get to start “settling” in.

    Oh, also, the other thing that helped was tracking expenses. We kept all receipts and wrote them down so that we knew how much we were spending and where it was all going.