Can You Get Paid to Learn?

October 31, 2007

Is there a job in your industry where you can get paid to learn about a topic that you need to know about anyways? Get Paid to LearnIf you’re going to be spending a lot of time at a job, mine as well find one that creates value for you other than just a paycheck.  […]

Juggling Funds So Our Mortgage Check Won’t Bounce

October 30, 2007

Ever since my wife left her full-time job to stay at home with our son our bank account has looked a lot more bare towards the end of the month.  Losing a salary has required us to pay better attention to our nickels and dimes so we can ensure all expenses are covered. Bye-Bye BufferMy […]

Seven Major Obstacles to Financial Success from the Quiet Millionaire

October 29, 2007

One of the most important steps towards building wealth is learning what NOT to do.  If you can avoid the biggest pitfalls then you have a much better chance of being successful. As I read through the Quiet Millionaire I ran across a list of things that can be damaging to our personal finances.  I’ve […]

Personal Finance Review – Count Your Blessings Edition

October 28, 2007

When you’re healthy, you can forget how bad it feels to be sick and how fortunate you are to be well.  I guess that’s the one positive thing that comes out of this miserable sinus infection that is still hanging around.  It makes me appreciate my health all the more and realize I shouldn’t complain […]

Personal Finance in the News

October 25, 2007

Freezing Your Credit ReportThanks to recent legislation, you may be able to lockdown your credit report so that new creditors can’t access your credit report without explicit permission from you.  This should help prevent anyone from fraudulently borrowing any money in your name.  Of course it also causes a big hassle anytime you want to […]

Comcast Cable Bait & Switch – Sales Tactic #8

October 24, 2007

This post is part of the Sales Tactics Revealed series. Make sure you check out the other Sales Tactics. Have you read my post on How 5 Minutes Can Save You $120?  If so, beware the advice I gave because it may come back to bite you! How 5 Minutes Can Cost You $180Comcast just […]

Wireless Security Question

October 23, 2007

I mentioned a while ago the great deal I got on a wireless router.  This is my first experience with using a wireless network and I’ve run into an annoying problem that has me a little concerned. I’ve started to get an “Incoming Connection Alert” from the software firewall on my PC containing the message […]

The Quiet Millionaire – What is Important about Money to You?

October 22, 2007

What is a Quiet Millionaire?  I’m not exactly sure yet but I imagine I’ll figure it out as I read the book the Quiet Millionaire – A Guide for Accumulating and Keeping Your Wealth by Brett Wilder. The publisher sent me a copy of the book to review and I broke it open this weekend. […]

Personal Finance Review – Best Investment I Ever Made Edition

October 21, 2007

Maybe I’m being a little over the top but in terms of value gained in relation to money spent, the purchase of my Zen Nano Plus mp3 player is the best investment I ever made!  What’s so great about it?  Never ending learning and self-improvement, anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s driving to work, waiting in […]

How eBay Sellers Can Save Money on Shipping Supplies

October 20, 2007

Warning: Some eBay sellers may not like this idea.  You might think it’s not worth your time or might think it’s tacky.  This tip isn’t for everyone but if it works for your eBay Business it will save you money guaranteed. eBay Shipping Costs Shipping costs are becoming more of an issue for eBay sellers. […]

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