Are Credit Repair Companies Worth the Fees They Charge?

August 31, 2007

Are people wasting their money when they pay a company to repair their credit?  This question came up today when I discovered a coworker had previously worked at a credit repair company. Credit Repair Services ProvidedBased on what my co-worker learned in his time with the credit restoration company they did not provide a service […]

Retirement Advice from Corporate Executives

August 30, 2007

If a wealthy retired corporate executive gave you retirement advice would be thankful or feel like they were rubbing your nose it in? Executive PrivilegeOur most recent company newsletter featured several former corporate executives that have retired from the business to pursue their life’s ambitions.  I had mixed feelings as I read the article in […]

Warning, Loaning Out Your Identity May Be Harzardous to Your Wallet

August 29, 2007

Having someone steal your identity is bad enough, it really sucks when you loan it out to someone else and they do something stupid with it. A username and password are often all that’s needed to assume someone’s identity on the Internet, lending yours out can turn out to be an expensive or embarrassing mistake. […]

Investing in High Yield Corporate Bonds

August 28, 2007

We have some junk in our portfolio, junk bonds that is.  About 5% of our portfolio is invested in junk bonds and today I’m taking a closer look at them due to their poor performance this year. What Makes Them Junky?When a company wants to sell bonds to raise money but their debt isn’t deemed […]

Which is a Better Gamble, Playing the Lottery or Starting a Business?

August 27, 2007

Have you ever heard a co-worker complain about their job then follow it up with something about quitting once they win the lottery?  I feel bad for these people and would love to crawl into their head to read their thoughts. Do they really think they’ll win the lottery? If their life plan is based […]

Personal Finance Review – Invasion of the Ants Edition

August 26, 2007

Our kitchen is being invaded by ants!  We’ve had a few ants here and there in summers past but over the last week they’ve shown up in full force.  Last weekend I bought some insect spray at Home Depot and sprayed around the outside of the house but it doesn’t seem like it’s done much […]

Why Do Car Dealers Have to Shout At Us to Sell Cars?

August 25, 2007

Why is it that car dealers think it’s necessary to yell at us in their radio ads? It seems like every car lot commercial I hear is the same. “WE ARE LIQUIDATING OUR INVENTORY; EVERY CAR ON THE LOT MUST GO!! BAD CREDIT, NO CREDIT, NO PROBLEM! WE FINANCE EVERYONE!” I have never gone to […]

How to Start Your eBay Business Without Credit Card Debt

August 24, 2007

Do you want to start your own eBay business with minimal risk and no debt? I’m sharing the steps I took to build my eBay business and giving away a free multi-part tutorial on how to get started. Sign up for the free tutorial with the adjoining form and get started today! Is it wise […]

Use Credit Cards Wisely When Selling on eBay

August 23, 2007

Is it a good idea to use credit cards to pay for inventory when starting an eBay Business?  I had a reader ask this question the other day and I think the answer is, it depends.  Personally, I use a cash back credit card to buy any inventory I sell on eBay but there are […]

How Do You Know When to Invest in a Down Market?

August 22, 2007

As you watch your investment holdings quickly diminish over the course of a few days it is easy to panic.  You might give some thought to trying to cut your losses and sell but if you’re a long term investor this is likely not in your best interest.  In fact, when the market is down […]

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