5 Smart, Inexpensive Summer Vacations

July 15, 2013

Schools have emptied and the hot weather is here. This time of year is very popular for vacations. With the way of the current economy however, not every person has the financial resources to take the trip away that they need. Everybody deserves a break in order to re-charge from daily life. Perhaps some of […]

Affordable Internet Access on Vacation

July 10, 2013

When I travel, I like to stay connected (unless I’m camping; then I want to be left alone). As a result, I make it a point to look for ways to access the Internet when I’m out of town. This is very important, since my entire livelihood depends on Internet access. If you are traveling […]

6 Apps to Save You Time, Stress, and Money While Traveling

May 30, 2013

Decades ago, our parents would spend hours flipping through those tourist guides or driving up and down the street looking for certain things on vacation like a place to eat or a bathroom. As technology has advanced, things have gotten so easy, that you have more information at the tip of your finger than you […]

Capital One Venture Rewards vs. Blue Sky Preferred from American Express

January 16, 2013

Airline miles have always been the original currency of reward credit cards since they were first offered. After all, who wouldn’t jump at the chance for a “free” airline ticket. But in the intervening decades, the airlines have successfully moved the goal posts when it came time to redeeming miles for actual flights. First, they […]

Do You Really Need Car Rental Insurance?

December 12, 2012

If you ever rented a car you probably know about car rental insurance. More formally known as the loss damage waiver, or LDW, it most typically covers the deductible portion of damage to the rental car not covered by your regular insurance, but it can cover even more. The coverage is completely optional, but car […]

4 Ways to Maximize Travel Reward Credit Cards

October 16, 2012

I’m a big fan of responsible credit card use. I personally prefer cash back rewards because I can spend cash on anything I want. But I know a lot of people that prefer to rack up travel reward points with their credit cards. I’m okay with that, but you really have to be careful to […]

Las Vegas on a Payment Plan

April 9, 2012

Las Vegas can be an expensive place to visit, especially when you go for a big event like a bachelor party. I was there with a bunch of good friends last weekend and although bringing together a big group like that can be a big and expensive task you can make it a success with […]

Travel Rewards Loyalty vs. Travel Deal Hunting

October 22, 2011

Travel rewards can help you earn free flights or a free night’s stay but what if you’re missing out on travel deals when you buy your plane ticket through your regular airline?  Does it make sense to have an undying loyalty to a specific airline, hotel, or travel rewards program? Or is it more beneficial to […]

Affording Family Lifestyle Design

October 5, 2011

Rachel and Greg Denning travel the world with their kids and honestly make me fee like kind of a wimp.  I struggle taking our two little ones on a 6 hour drive through the Midwest, they’re taking their 5 kids on a massive road trip from Alasksa to Argentia! The Denning’s lifestyle fascinates me not […]

Best Airline Credit Cards

September 29, 2011

The best airline credit cards not only earn you the most airline miles but also make it easy to use your frequent flyer miles.  You have two main choices when it comes to airline rewards, go with an airline specific card or a card that has a flexible travel rewards program. If you prefer to always […]

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