6 Apps to Save You Time, Stress, and Money While Traveling

May 30, 2013

appsDecades ago, our parents would spend hours flipping through those tourist guides or driving up and down the street looking for certain things on vacation like a place to eat or a bathroom. As technology has advanced, things have gotten so easy, that you have more information at the tip of your finger than you know what to do with it all.

There are some apps out there that just have to be a part of your life when you travel. Whether it is a road trip in the family cruiser, or country hopping in Europe, your phone can be a life saver in numerous ways. Here are six that should be downloaded on every smartphone and tablet.

“The Road Warrior”

Gasbuddy (Free, iOS)

Gas Buddy

You’re in a city you don’t know, or driving in a desolate area and have no idea where the nearest gas station is. Gasbuddy will not only tell you what is close, it will tell you the price of gas and the hours and amenities at the establishment. The prices of all grades of gas are updated by users constantly. It is simple to do and every time you give an update, you are entered into a weekly free drawing for a $250 gas card.

“It’s A Family Affair”

Out To Eat With Kids (Free, Android)

Out To Eat With KidsFood can be the most expensive item in your vacation budget. With the little tykes, those numbers go up exponentially. For years, my wife has scoured coupon books, tourist ad fliers and billboards where ever we have traveled. Now she can enjoy the trip because with this great app – you can find every restaurant within a 20-mile radius of your location that has a kids’ deal of any kind.

“Stay Connected”

WiFi Finder (Free, iOS)

Wi-Fi FinderNeed to get a little work done or a Skype session in with grandma? WiFi Finder helps you locate any public WiFi networks (both free and paid) in your area. You can filter your search results by price (“Free Only”), location and provider type.

“Your Own Personal Travel Secretary”

TripCase (Free, iOS)


If you are traveling with multiple flights and itineraries, then this app is for you. Keep track of all flights, confirmation numbers and gates in one place. You can start monitoring your flights two days in advance and get notified of any delays, cancellations or gate changes with alerts sent right to your phone. Have someone picking you up? Add their email and they will get the alerts as well, instead of standing at baggage claim for three hours.

“The Jet Setter”

AirportAce ($0.99, iOS)

Airport AceThe one app that you have to pay for on this list, but essential for those who book frequent flier miles in huge chunks. This app will help you reserve parking, tell you where there is Wi-Fi, decent food, smoking areas, restrooms and anything else you need to know about an airport while you are stuck there. For less than a buck, you can save yourself some time and a headache with this directing you through one of those mini-cities that we call airports.

“Foreign Exchange Program”

Currency (Free, iOS)

CurrencyFor travelers who are going abroad for the first time to seasoned business professionals, currency exchange can be slightly intimidating, and a chance for you to get taken advantage of. With this app, you will have updated rates on the exchange for over 100 countries and currencies in the palm of your hand. This will help you keep a few dollars or Euros in your pocket when you realize that the place across the street is cheaper than the airport you are standing in.

This list is by no means all-encompassing. You may have similar or other apps that you use. If so, we would like to hear about them. Tell us in the comments so that we can try them when we travel.

What are some other travel apps you love? Leave a comment!


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    Very nice set of apps to get. I especially liked the Currency as this can really save money while abroad. Thanks for all of these.


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