Best Hotel Credit Cards

September 27, 2011

The best hotel credit cards not only help you earn rewards for a free night stay, they also earn points for each hotel room you pay for on your travels.  Whether it’s for business or pleasure, travel isn’t cheap, and a great way to maximize the money you spend is to use a hotel credit […]

How to Save Money On a Cruise

August 5, 2011

Saving money on a cruise may be easier than you think.  In the middle of a hot summer, nothing sounds better than keeping cool on a cruise but the big price tags can obviously be daunting to lots of families looking to save money on vacations.  The nice thing about a cruise is that it wraps […]

The Best Rental Car Deals for Road Trips

August 3, 2011

Rental car deals are in high demand with many travelers expecting higher air fare costs this summer. Some of those travelers will forge on, willing to pay the higher price to get to their dream destination. But with many Americans still unemployed or just recently having found new employment the high price of flying may […]

The Best Resorts for Family Deals

July 27, 2011

Sometimes, when you go on vacation, it can be easiest to just head to a resort. You pay one price, and you have plenty of activities for the whole family, as well as a place to stay. Some resorts are all inclusive where all the food is included and some give you vouchers to use […]

The Best Hotels for the Lowest Rates

July 20, 2011

Summer is here, and you might be itching to get on the road — at least for a little while. If you are looking to take a road trip this summer, you will probably need some place to stay. Many people prefer hotels to camping out (although camping out can be a fun and low-cost […]

Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Card – 2 Free Flights

January 19, 2011

The Southwest airlines credit card is one of the highlights of the new Rapid Rewards program from Southwest. I flew Southwest this week and learned that the new Rapid Rewards program will be based on points instead of miles and the Southwest rewards card offers ways, other than flying, to earn those points. Southwest Rapid Rewards […]

Best Credit Cards for Rental Car Rewards

January 14, 2011

The best credit cards for car rentals combine some or all the travel perks of car rental deals, rental rewards, and rental car coverage.  The infamous rental car insurance episode on Seinfeld wouldn’t be so funny in real life – so here are some things to consider when searching for the best rental car credit […]

10 Credit Card Rental Car Insurance Surprises

January 13, 2011

Does your credit card offer rental car insurance?  In honor of Jerry Seinfeld using his only credit card that didn’t have rental car coverage, these are ten things you might not know about insurance when renting a car. It all started when I rented a car recently with my Blue Cash card and I called […]

5 Keys to Retire Overseas

August 28, 2010

To retire overseas and live on the beach on a fixed retirement income may sound enticing but how realistic is this form of retirement living? The concept of stretching your retirement savings by moving to a place with a lower cost of living seems to make sense but some of what you hear about retiring overseas […]

Get Your Car Ready for a Roadtrip

June 16, 2010

Summer road trips can be a lot of fun, driving across country with friends or family is an experience you won’t likely soon forget.  Getting your car ready for a road trip can help make it a more enjoyable experience by hopefully avoiding any car problems on the way. One thing many people don’t think […]

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