How to Get Free Books Online

March 27, 2013

I love reading. I’m always looking for something new – or even not so new – to read. If you are serious about reading and about saving money, you can look for free books online. If you have an e-reader, it’s that much easier to download free books from some sources. Here are some ways […]

5 Home Maintenance Projects to Save You Money

March 26, 2013

It’s often said that when money is tight, maintenance is the first thing to go. When you own a home, skimping on maintenance in any way can lead to bigger – and much more expensive – problems later. Home maintenance truly comes within the old saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of […]

Best Gym Membership Deals

January 8, 2012

Gym membership deals seem to be everywhere this time of the year. We’re one month into a new year – you promised yourself it was time to get healthy as part of your New Year’s resolutions, but have you? It isn’t too late to start now. Gyms usually see a large influx of customers in […]

Netflix Free Trial Can Save You Money

February 26, 2011

A Netflix promo offer might be able to save you a chunk of money.  The one month Netflix free trial offer has been around for new customers for a while but I wanted to share how using Netflix has saved us money.  The cool thing is you can test it out for a month and […]

Save Money on Your Sprint Cell Phone Bill

January 5, 2011

How to save money on your cell phone bill is something I covered a number of years ago but recently I emailed a friend that works at Sprint and he offered some more tips on ways to lower your phone bill.  For those of you that don’t use Sprint, sounds like tip #2 might work with […]

Memorial Day Savings

May 30, 2010

Many people think of Memorial Day weekend as a time to spend money because so many businesses have big Memorial Day sales.  I’m actually not planning on spending any money this weekend, other than a little on food and beer for a barbecue : ) However, for all of you hitting the Memorial Day sales, […]

Best Deals Sites Online

April 18, 2010

The best deals sites on the web have thousands of users, all working together to save each other money. A year ago we featured some of the best coupon websites, FatWallet, Hot Coupon World, and Slickdeals, and today are re-visiting how they can save you money.  Here is a summary of each: Hot Coupon WorldHot Coupon World […]

Do You Save Money Bundling Cable?

April 16, 2010

Bundling cable and other services sounded like a good concept when I first heard about it several years ago but I’d never researched the options through Comcast or Time Warner in my area until recently. Benefits of Bundling Cable For those of you not familiar with bundling cable the idea is that you buy your cable, […]

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