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April 18, 2010

The best deals sites on the web have thousands of users, all working together to save each other money. A year ago we featured some of the best coupon websites, FatWallet, Hot Coupon World, and Slickdeals, and today are re-visiting how they can save you money.  Here is a summary of each:

Hot Coupon World
Hot Coupon World is a great place to find deals at your local grocery store, especially if you are in a smaller grocery market. If you have a young child or a pet and need diaper deals or good prices on pet food, this site can help you find these particular deals easily and quickly. Their coupon database is also invaluable to help you find a particular coupon from the newspaper or online.

If you are interested in learning how to coupon at your local stores then this is a great place for you. They have a mentor service, and lots of articles on how to coupon effectively and how to store your stockpile. Their trading forums are great for people who want to trade coupons- much better and more organized than anything at Slickdeals or FatWallet.

This is not the place to find deals on televisions, or general products, nor is it the place to find freebies. Although they do offer these services they are more limited than Fat Wallet or Hot Deals, and you can’t elect to be notified whenever a product that piques your interest comes up

One of the key features of FatWallet that is not offered by Slickdeals, is Cash Back. FatWallet has a list of over 100 stores that offer cash back. If you are going to purchase anything from one of these stores (and you don’t already use a Cash Back site like Ebates or MyPoints) then you should definitely go to FatWallet first. By simply going to this list and clicking through to the store before you make your purchase, you can get anywhere from 1% to 15% of your money back.

The list is alphabetical and very easy to browse, either by category or store name. If you are just interested in general deals and freebies, FatWallet and Slickdeals are almost interchangeable as I mentioned above.

In addition, the Finance forum on FatWallet is very useful to people who open bank accounts to get free money, or who are interested in playing the Balance Transfer game on their credit cards. There is a wealth of information that can help you in these endeavors that you won’t find elsewhere. The travel deals are also organized best at FatWallet, so if you need a good rental car discount code, this should be your first stop. 

The Freebies and Hotdeals sections on Slickdeals and FatWallet are almost interchangeable because there are a lot of people who use both sites. When a good deal is posted on one of the two sites, someone almost immediately posts the exact same deal on the other.

So, if you are interested only in Freebies and Hotdeals, you could choose between the two depending on which site you prefer to look at. The Coupons and Drug Store forums on Slickdeals offer similar information to Hot Coupon World. Again, when an ad is posted on one of these sites, it will usually show up on the other shortly after. The discussion in these forums on Slickdeals tends to have more useful information than Hot Coupon World, but the discussion can get long and you may have to read through a lot of pointless posts to find relevant information.

If you have time on your hands and want to make sure you don’t miss one single hidden drug store deal- then you should stick with these forums at Slickdeals. If you just want a summary of the advertised deals and not a lot of chat, you may prefer Hot Coupon World.


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