Save Money on Your Sprint Cell Phone Bill

January 5, 2011

How to save money on your cell phone bill is something I covered a number of years ago but recently I emailed a friend that works at Sprint and he offered some more tips on ways to lower your phone bill. 

For those of you that don’t use Sprint, sounds like tip #2 might work with any major carrier.  You can also ask if your cell provider has anything like tips #1 and #3. Below are the three tips my friend emailed me:

1) Employee Referral Discount – At Sprint, we offer an Employee Referral plan that is typically about $10/month less than the rack rate offer.  All you need to have is an employee to offer it to you. 

2) Compare Carriers – Similar to what you said about saving on your cable bill, you can call in and threaten to leave for a competitor.  The wireless phone business is super competitive right now and none of the 4 major carriers want existing customers to leave for a competitor so almost all will offer the customer some sort of a discounted offer to stay. 

3) Cell Phone Bill Optimizer – Sprint has something called Sprint Plan Optimizer that will evaluate your voice, text and data usage over the past few months to see if you’re on the best plan for you. 

If you’re currently on a $99 Simply Everything plan, but only use 400 minutes a month, it would be smarter for you to switch to our $69.99 plan that gives you 450 minutes with unlimited text and data. 

Most people get on a plan and assume they have to stay on it for the life of their 2 year contract, but they could be overpaying.

Cell Phone Discounts
Since I’m currently getting a discount through my employer, I asked him if I could get both my employer discount and the employee refferal discount at the same time.  The answer was no, you have to choose either the employer discount or the employee refferal.

One other note, the Employee Referral plan is for new customers only. Do you have any tips on ways to save on your sprint or other cell phone bill?


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6 Responses to Save Money on Your Sprint Cell Phone Bill

  • Eppie

    If you actually spend the time to compare your bill versus how much you talk, you will be totally surprised. I never really thought about it much before since I was a pretty big talker and just kept paying since I figured it was worth it for the unlimited usage. The change happened when my job provided me with a cell phone plan and started paying for the usage – most of my usage was just for work. Since I only have to worry my personal sage, which really isn’t worth having unlimited minutes over, so I did some prepaid shopping. I’m really trying to save for my wedding next year so, I went super cheap and basic with Tracfone and it cost me total about $45. My TF LG 420G is not my work Blackberry and I cant pretend it is, but, I can be happy to pay $20 a month and be able to check in with my family when I need to.

  • twentysomethingmoney

    For my cell phone carrier (I’m Canadian), I played the two major networks against each other to get the best rate. Your worth more to them in the long run, so they’re willing to make short term concessions to lock you in.


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