How to Improve Your Performance Review This Year

November 14, 2007

Below is an email I sent to my team recently giving them the option to have some feedback into their annual performance reviews.  In the past, team leaders have filled out all the information but I think each person is their own best advocate so I wanted to hear what each person had to say.  […]

Investing With Simplicity. Reflections On Financial Planning.

February 6, 2007

Emily, the winner of the FinanceSpiration Challenge, emailed me her thoughts on the prize, a one-hour consultation with a financial planner. She shares the recommendations that Kristine made and her reflections on the financial planning process. The financial consultation with Kristine was extremely helpful. She started by calculating a target number for my retirement savings, […]

Personal Finance + Inspiration = Free Financial Advice

January 23, 2007

And the winner is……. Going to be announced at the end of the article! The FinanceSpiration Challenge has come to an end, thanks to everyone that participated! I hope you all have gotten something out of the different stories of inspiration in personal finance; here they are in order of appearance. Iram Iram started it […]

FinanceSpiration – Until Last Year, I Hated Money!

January 18, 2007

The newest entry in the FinanceSpiration Challenge is from Courtney. Not long ago she was a stranger to personal finance. Thanks to the different sites she describes below Courtney’s been inspired to take charge of her money in a way that meshes with her life. Thanks for sharing Courtney! Until last year, I hated money. […]

FinanceSpirations – Making Financial Decisions Alone

January 15, 2007

The latest entry in the FinanceSpirations Challenge comes to us from Emily, a thirtysomething woman whose single status means she makes all of her financial decisions by herself. Luckily she has Boston Gal and My Open Wallet to inspire her and pass along tidbits of financial advice. Thanks to Emily for sharing her FinanceSpiration story […]

Are Your Friends Money Dummies? Here’s a Simple Way to Help Them Out.

January 12, 2007

Do you have friends that constantly make poor financial decisions? Do you want to help them out but don’t know how? You’re afraid to step on their toes by offering financial advice. You don’t want to come across as pushy or a know it all. However, you care about their future so not doing anything […]

Leading with Their Wallets – Personal Finance Leaders

January 11, 2007

Lazy Man and Money listed his five favorite personal finance bloggers yesterday. I read all of the sites he listed regularly and pretty much concur with his assessment of each. As I thought about the commonalities among these sites I remembered a special report on leadership from October’s U.S. News & World Report that listed […]

FinanceSpirations – Working Hard and Spending Very Little

January 8, 2007

In the first submission for the contest, Iram shares her financial habits. Sounds like ING can be credited with motivating her to start saving. A variety of blogs have inspired her to avoid credit card debt. Her story is below, I’ve highlighted some parts that caught my eye. Iram, thanks for setting a good example […]

Win Free Financial Advice – Share Your FinanceSpirations!

January 6, 2007

Who inspired you financially in 2006? The blogosphere is full of financial wisdom and inspiration. Where did you find your most helpful tip or most inspiring article in 2006? I challenge you to let everyone know which site or article made a difference in your personal finances last year. Let’s highlight your successes and the […]