Career Advice to Help You Get Ahead & Feel Good About It

October 8, 2008

So what’s the secret to getting ahead at work? I asked my co-workers for their best career advice when I surveyed my peers for professional feedback as I left my last job.  Here’s how I worded it: “Please share one piece of advice that has been the most valuable for you in furthering your career and professional […]

Career Tips from Co-Workers Show Room for Improvement

September 28, 2008

Career tips are most valuable when they are specific and come from people who are familiar with your industry or working environment. Career Feedback Readers were inquiring about the results of the 360 degree feedback survey I ran when I left my job so I thought I’d share some of the responses.  A little background, […]

How Quitting Your Job Can Make You a Better Employee

September 26, 2008

When you leave a job behind, if you don’t solicit feedback from your co-workers, you’re missing out on a golden self-improvement opportunity. Last Day of Work Today was my last day at work, after working for this company for almost nine years I’m making a change and trying something new.  As I filled out my […]

How to Make Your Job Better or Find a Better Job

September 20, 2008

If you love your job, consider yourself lucky, there are many people that hate their boss, their job, and what they do. If you are unhappy with your job, you owe it to yourself to figure out what it is about the work that you don’t enjoy and change it.  Life’s too short to spend it […]

Money and Your Job – Considering Finances & Benefits in Your Job Search

September 11, 2008

As I was looking for a new job I was reminded of how many key personal finance concerns are tied to our employers.  Of course it’s not just how much you’re paid but also things like health insurance, retirement savings, and even life insurance or disability insurance coverage. Career Finances The financial intricacies of finding […]

Two Weeks Notice – The Art of Quitting Your Job Gracefully

September 9, 2008

Quitting your job can be quite a liberating experience.  The weight of “all things crappy” in your job is lifted off your shoulders and you feel as though you can finally breath again.  Yet, no matter how bad your job seems at the time you leave, it’s wise to quit your job gracefully and not […]

How Much Job Detail Should You Put on Your Resume – Ask the Readers

July 3, 2008

Do you put your entire work history on your resume or only jobs that are relevant to the position you’re applying for? We’ve been doing a lot of interviewing at work lately and I’ve noticed that a lot of applicants list every single job they’ve ever had on their resume, regardless of whether they’re applicable […]

How to Improve Your Performance Review This Year

November 14, 2007

Below is an email I sent to my team recently giving them the option to have some feedback into their annual performance reviews.  In the past, team leaders have filled out all the information but I think each person is their own best advocate so I wanted to hear what each person had to say.  […]

How to Get the Promotion You Deserve

April 5, 2007

We all know a thing or two about unrewarded effort. The fastest way to get a promotion you’ve earned or a position you want is to be pro-active about the process. I’ve followed the steps below and it’s netted me four promotions in seven years on the job. 1) Determine Expectations Identify the goals for […]

How to Ace a Job Interview

March 21, 2007

Job interviews are a tough nut to crack. You have a short period of time to convince total strangers that you’re the right candidate for them. Follow the tips below and your interview may end with a job offer. 1) Be Humble No one likes a pompous ass! A recent mistake I’ve witnessed is trying […]