Direct Sales – Good Way to Make Extra Money or Fast Way to Lose Friends?

June 12, 2008

Want to make extra money while working from home?  You could join the thousands of other independent consultants, distributors or representatives that work in the direct sales industry and sell products or services directly to customers. The products are sold mainly via in-home product demonstrations, parties, and one-on-one selling. According to the Direct Selling Association, […]

4 Ways You Can Profit from the Falling US Dollar

April 23, 2008

The value of the US dollar is dropping and hitting many of us smack in the pocketbook.  What can you do about it? It’s a discouraging situation; you’re working just as hard as you always have but your money isn’t going as far, thanks in part to the falling dollar.  It’s also frustrating that it’s such […]

Market Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Own Business

March 25, 2008

Do you know anyone who runs their own business and is always struggling to find new customers or make enough money?  Wouldn’t it have been easier if they would have done more research about the competitiveness and viability of their business before launching it? Mid Life CrisisOne of my co-workers is having a quarter life […]

Keep Track of Your Home Business Income with Microsoft Office Accounting Express

January 24, 2008

Last week I mentioned how to earn extra money in 2008. Now, you might want to know how to keep track of the extra money you earn. After two kids and a divorce, I went back to college to get an English degree. I got the diploma, but I also acquired a LOT of debt. […]

Reduce Your eBay Taxes with a Home Office Deduction

January 18, 2008

Do you know how much you’ll owe this year on your eBay income tax? Did you know you might be able to reduce those taxes by claiming a home office deduction? If you’re running a profitable business on eBay hopefully you’ve been making estimated tax payments throughout the year to avoid any kind of fees […]

Paying Taxes on eBay Income – Do eBay Sellers Need to Report their Earnings?

January 3, 2008

Should I be paying taxes on my eBay income?  This was a question I was faced with yesterday from my friend / business partner as we celebrated our earnings for December. Our eBay partnership has been a success so far, bringing in over $700 for me last month! When he asked me whether he needed to be […]

How You Can Quit Your Job and Win $50,000!

October 19, 2007

What are you waiting for? Intuit is giving away $40K cash and $10K in business resources to someone that will pledge to resign and start their own company! Okay, don’t get carried away and give your two weeks notice yet. However, you should put together a video or an essay that answers the following questions: What’s your […]

Why Selling on eBay is a Great Way to Make Extra Money

October 5, 2007

Get a free tutorial on how you can start your own Easy eBay Business Anytime someone is looking for an easy way to earn some extra money, I recommend eBay since it shows quick results, is simple to get started, and has a low cost of entry. Quick ResultsOne problem many people run into when trying to earn […]

Six Ingredients for Generating Passive Income

September 27, 2007

Who doesn’t want to spend more time doing what they enjoy and less time working for money? After reading about both active income and passive income recently I came up with a list of things that can help you move towards generating passive income. The IdeaYou need either a great new idea or a great way […]

How To Make Money Off of Halloween

September 26, 2007

Halloween has become one of the most profitable seasonal events around.  How can you get a piece of the $6 billion industry this year? 1) Buy Costumes on Clearance after HalloweenPlaces like Spirit Halloween setup shop in empty store fronts in September and jam them full of Halloween merchandise.  The day after Halloween they drop their […]

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