American Express Blue Cash Bonus

June 14, 2010

Blue Cash from American Express is one of my favorite credit cards, as you probably know if you’ve been reading this site for a while.

Our Blue Cash card comes up any time I mention credit card rewards because we use it to earn hundreds of dollars cash back each year.  Of course, if you already own and use the Blue Cash card you might tune out every time I bring it up because you’re already earning the rewards and there’s nothing else you need to know about the card.

This time might be a little different.  If you’re a card member, you can actually get paid to let other people know what you think of the card.

Blue Cash Bonus

For the next few several months, American Express is giving you $25 for each person you recommend the card to that likes what they see and sign up.  The Blue Cash bonus comes in the form of a credit on your AmEx statement and takes a month or two to show up.  The people you refer can’t simply apply, they also have to be approved in order for you to get the credit card bonus.

American Express doesn’t put a limit on the number of people that you can refer so you could earn more than $25 if you told a few friends and a few of them liked the card and became cardmembers.  American Express has also set it up so that the people you refer get a bonus as well.

$25 Credit Card Signup Bonus

People you refer who apply and get approved also get a credit card signup bonus of $25 after they make their first purchase on their card.  So each new person you refer earns you $25 and them $25, not too shabby.

Because credit applications are a private process, American Express won’t give you a list of who was approved or denied for the Blue Cash card.  You’ll only get a notice that one of the people who applied was approved and that you’ll be getting a $25 statement credit.

How to Refer People

If you’re a current Blue Cash cardmember, look for an email from American Express with a referral link at the bottom.  You’ll have to login to your account (so make sure the email is from American Express and isn’t a scam email) and then you’ll see the form below. 


You enter in your name and email plus the name/email of people you’d like to refer.  It’s not shown here but you can also include a message to send to them as well.

If you haven’t gotten an email from American Express, you can also try using the link below. It will take you to your account login page and then should send you to your referral page – Blue Cash Referral


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3 Responses to American Express Blue Cash Bonus

  • Ben

    @Robert, I run into the same thing. American Express charges merchants higher fees than Visa or Mastercard, that’s why some places don’t accept American Express cards.

    I just carry backup rewards cards in my wallet in case a place doesn’t take AmEx. The Chase Freedom and Discover More cards are two good alternatives.

  • Robert

    I have an AMEX Blue Cash card and also really like it. The cash back bonus is one of the best out there and AMEX always provides top notch customer service. The only drawback is that not every place will take AMEX.


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