Ten Simple Money Moves for 2010

December 31, 2009

1) Budget Make a personal budget and stick to it. Track your spending for two weeks to find out what your true expenses are as well as your monthly and yearly expenses, such as rent or mortgage payments, car insurance and payments, taxes, groceries, clothing, entertainment, and child care costs. 2) Set Financial Goals Think […]

How to Keep a New Year’s Resolution

December 30, 2009

I’ve written about how to set New Year’s Resolutions but what’s the best way to make sure you actually reach the goals that you set? Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist offered up some tips on the subject today that I thought were useful enough to expand on, and her title was good as well so I borrowed […]

A New Years Resolutions Secret

December 28, 2009

Want to know the secret to keeping your New Year’s Resolutions?  Pretend that you’ve already acheived them! I’m not saying that if you imagine yourself as 30 pounds lighter or $5000 richer that it will automatically happen.  However, visualizing how things will be in your life once you’ve reached your goal can be the first […]

Best Car Deals Questions

December 27, 2009

Yesterday I shared my friend’s tips on how to get the best car deals when buying a new car. After reading through his description I sent him some follow up questions about the process, here they are. How many dealers ended up bidding for your business? I think there were 7. What was the tone […]

The Best Car Deals for Your Money

December 26, 2009

The best car deals don’t come easily, they take some planning and work, but they can save you thousands of dollars off of new car prices.  A friend recently shared one of the best car deals I’ve ever run across and I asked if he could explain the process so that you could use it […]

Merry Christmas 2009!

December 25, 2009

When I look back on all the Christmas’s in my life this one will probably be the best! Christmas time in years past was always a stressful time for me because it was the busiest time of year for my job.  Mixing in the stress of work with trying to coordinate the holidays with our […]

PocketSmith User Review

December 24, 2009

PocketSmith user Hugo Vitorino was actually the first person I contacted for a PocketSmith review but due to life events he wasn’t able to offer his feedback on the new online personal finance software and you heard from the New Zealander Sam Law. Hugo was also a member of the original beta test group and […]

Starting an Investment Club

December 23, 2009

Starting an investment club is an option if you rule out joining an investment club based on clubs whose investment strategies or investing goals are incompatible with your own.  Of course starting an investment club is no small task, there are a whole checklist of things necessary to start one up. Here are some of […]

Investment Club Mentors

December 22, 2009

One of the investment club benefits we covered last time was learning from other people in your club.  Some investment clubs will assign newcomers a mentor to help them get comfortable with general investing concepts and how the club works. The leadership of the investment club are typically the ones who are most involved and […]

Investment Club Benefits

December 21, 2009

Investment clubs, like anything in the world of investing, require due diligence before deciding whether they’re right for you.  We’ve taken a look at some investment club tips for your personal situation and covered things to consider when joining an investment club. Although there are things to watch out for with investment clubs, there are certainly benefits to […]

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