Investment Club Mentors

December 22, 2009

One of the investment club benefits we covered last time was learning from other people in your club.  Some investment clubs will assign newcomers a mentor to help them get comfortable with general investing concepts and how the club works.

The leadership of the investment club are typically the ones who are most involved and active in making it a successful experience for everyone.  Often times one of these people will take on a mentor role to new members.  Here are some of the standard officer roles of an investment club, people you can turn to with questions if you’re just getting started.

Investing Club President

The president is the one who decides when the next meeting is going to take place (usually done with a mutual vote but made official by the president), presides over the meetings, and plans activities (usually done with a mutual decision by other members).

Investing Club Vice President

The vice president is the member that stands in when the president is absent or needs help with presidential duties. The vice president is often the one who plans some of the educational information that is provided to the club at meetings.

Investing Club Treasurer

The treasurer, also known as the financial partner, is the one who deals with the brokerage firm and does the buying and the selling of stock. The treasurer also is responsible for keeping accurate records of the financial holdings of the club, the financial contributions of each of the members, and any other records that concern themselves with money and financial matters.

Investing Club Secretary

The secretary, also known as the recording partner, is responsible for keeping the minutes of each meeting. The secretary also lets other members know of any upcoming meetings. If a member misses a meeting the secretary is the one who passes the minutes of the last meeting to the absent member so that everyone is kept up to date of all meeting decisions.

Investing Club Education Officer

Many clubs have what is known as an education officer. This member of the club is responsible for organizing educational activities such as guest speakers, reading materials, field trips, and presentations that have to do with investing.

This post on investing mentors is part of an investment club series that also covers joining an investment club, investment club benefits, and other investment club tips.


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