PocketSmith User Review

December 24, 2009

PocketSmith user Hugo Vitorino was actually the first person I contacted for a PocketSmith review but due to life events he wasn’t able to offer his feedback on the new online personal finance software and you heard from the New Zealander Sam Law.

Hugo was also a member of the original beta test group and his home country of Portugal gives a taste of how international the user base is. Hugo finally got a chance to send me some answers to my questions, here they are:

1) Tell us more about the beta test group and the role it’s played in adding functionality to PocketSmith.

All ideas that I had and saw that could make PocketSmith a better financial site, I would take it to discussion so everyone could see if the idea was doable and what could be done to improve it and/or make it possible to achieve. I’ve always felt that everyone had an active voice, so being part on the Beta test group was a great feeling, because I had the chance to see some ideas gaining live on a active and live site as PocketSmith

2) What features of PocketSmith do you tell your friends & family about?

The biggest feature on PocketSmith that I tell to my friends & family (and everyone else too) is the ability to forecast the accounts on a daily basis for a full year, allowing me to really see how my savings will be on such a long date. Another feature that’s quite neat is the ability to synchronize PocketSmith with my Google Calendar and Outlook, meaning I can always see what income/outcome just like an appointment, making it really easy.

3) What feature could use some improving or enhancing?
I think PocketSmith should do three things to increase is popularity with the masses.

  • Translation: Everyone would rather having a website on their natural language, and I truly believe that is something the PocketSmith team should go for ASAP if they intend to get to more people and get more subscribers;
  • Up-to-date transactions: Despite not being a big fan of this feature, I do believe it’s a great idea and the general audience likes it. 
  • Products Recommendation: This one is a bit harder but should be a really nice feature to get.

4) Pocketsmith has three different plans: Free, Premium, & Super. Which one do you use? Have you been in the same plan the whole time?
Well, I started with Free because back then there was only that one 🙂 At the moment I have a Super account and I don’t plan on dropping it, since I consider it worth all the cents it costs.

5) Have you tried some of the other tools, like Mint.com and Wesabe.com?   How do they compare to PocketSmith?

Yes, I’ve tried other tools like those you mention, but none of them felt as comfortable to me as PocketSmith did just because of the forecast system (which was mind blowing to me).

I do believe each one of them has their qualities and people should use the one that adapts to their needs, but never the less people should try out PocketSmith forecast for some time and then decide. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to use all the features given by some since I’m from Portugal, but like I said, nothing like trying and deciding.

6) Have you used any of the mobile functionality like the mobile app, twitter updates, and text messaging?
Yes, I’ve tried the mobile app but not the twitter updates (I’m probably one of the 10 people that don’t use twitter). All of them are great add-ons since until Up-to-date accounts isn’t implemented, people can update their accounts on the fly and do like me and not update because it gives too much trouble 🙂

7) Any final words for people that are considering giving PocketSmith a try?
Well, like I’ve been saying, there are other tools that have the same financial purpose, but I still haven’t seen anything like the ability to forecast your accounts. Try it for some time and I bet you’ll fall in love with it.

Thanks to Hugo Vitorino for his review of the PocketSmith personal finance software! If you’d like to check out the free version click here.


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