Personal Finance Advice and Politics

January 25, 2007

Checkout the latest edition of the eFIPO podcast over at “Finance and Politics for the new generation”. Jeremie from eFIPO and I got together last night to talk about money and the new government in Washington. Setting An Example I applaud Jeremie for his hard work in keeping the younger generation engaged and informed on […]

Our Personal Finance State of the Union Address

January 24, 2007

My wife and I enter into 2007 with great “hope and opportunity”. We recently added a new member to our family and our lives have been redefined thanks to his amazing entry into this world. Our purpose is now to provide a wonderful home for our growing young son. Our thoughts have turned to parenthood […]

Personal Finance + Inspiration = Free Financial Advice

January 23, 2007

And the winner is……. Going to be announced at the end of the article! The FinanceSpiration Challenge has come to an end, thanks to everyone that participated! I hope you all have gotten something out of the different stories of inspiration in personal finance; here they are in order of appearance. Iram Iram started it […]

Your Money or Your Life – Money Can’t Buy Happiness

January 22, 2007

This edition of Your Money or Your Life features wisdom from One Frugal Girl and The Weight of Money, thanks to both ladies for helping us keep our priorities straight! The Relationship between Money and Happiness One Frugal Girl reminds us that no matter what money will not make us happy. I hear where she’s […]

How to Get a Free Car Wash

January 21, 2007

The snow is falling, that means salt on the roads and salt on your car. If you want to extend the life of your car and save some big bucks down the road it’s important to keep this corrosive force from eating holes in your car and your wallet! Brave the Cold or Pay the […]

Job Security, 401k to IRA, Credit Card Mistakes, & Restaurant Bills – Carnival Roundup

January 20, 2007

This week at Money Smart Life I touched on a variety of financial topics including job security, turning your 401k into an IRA, credit card mistakes, and saving money when eating out. Endless Gibberish hosted the Carnival of the Capitalists where I talk about the pros and cons of having a “secure” job that you […]

Ten Low Cost Ways to Reduce Money Stress

January 19, 2007

Do you ever get tired of thinking about money? Since I’ve started writing about personal finance, I’ve gotten burned out once or twice by always having “money on the brain”. Here are ten cheap ways you can get money off your mind. The first five will build your brain and health, the second five are […]

Dumping American Century Ultra Mutual Fund – TWCUX

January 18, 2007

I started investing in American Century Ultra in 2003, a year in which it returned around 25% according to Morningstar. I’ve been dollar cost averaging into the fund ever since and am embarrassed to say that I’ve been meaning to get out of it for a while now but have procrastinated for far too long. […]

FinanceSpiration – Until Last Year, I Hated Money!

January 18, 2007

The newest entry in the FinanceSpiration Challenge is from Courtney. Not long ago she was a stranger to personal finance. Thanks to the different sites she describes below Courtney’s been inspired to take charge of her money in a way that meshes with her life. Thanks for sharing Courtney! Until last year, I hated money. […]

The Frugal Sentence Challenge – Share Your Most Frugal Moment and Win Smart Money Magazine!

January 17, 2007

Think back to a moment in your life that epitomizes your finesse at saving money. Summarize that wonderful, cash-conscious, debt-busting, wealth-building pinnacle of frugality into one sentence and share it with the world. One randomly selected story will win a 1 year subscription to Smart Money Magazine. See my example entry below. Watery Cereal I, […]

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