How to Get a Free Car Wash

January 21, 2007

The snow is falling, that means salt on the roads and salt on your car. If you want to extend the life of your car and save some big bucks down the road it’s important to keep this corrosive force from eating holes in your car and your wallet!

Brave the Cold or Pay the Cash?
I prefer going through the car wash to keep the underbelly of my car salt free. I mean, who wants to crouch in the freezing cold while trying to wash the underside of the car with a manual car wash? Then again, who wants to pay the $6-10 bucks you’ll pay to drive through one of these automated carwashes? If you play your cards right, you can keep your car free of salt from within the comfort of your own driver’s seat!

Free Car Wash
Many car dealers offer their customers free car washes for the life of the car. Some places have car washes of their own; others contract the service out to a local carwash. Our Honda dealer gives customers tickets to the automated car wash next door. When you want a car wash you ask for a voucher from the person working the back office at the Honda dealer.

Open Door Policy
Every time I go to ask for a free voucher they never ask for any type of identification or proof that I even own a Honda. It’s a different person manning the desk every time so I know they can’t possibly remember me. What I’ve observed is that it’s not worth their time to police this service. They figure anyone who has the gumption to come in and ask for a free car wash must be a customer.

Just Ask!
So all you need to do to get a free car wash is to ask! Of course the dealers in your area may be different but it’s worth your time to try it out. Is it honest? Technically you’re not lying. You simply ask “Is this where I get the free car wash”? If they press for more information, how you handle it is up to you. You might want to have your friend idling the car out front just in case…..


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4 Responses to How to Get a Free Car Wash

  • Scott

    “Technically you’re not lying.”

    No, technically you are lying. Anytime you make a statement in such a way to deliberately cause a misinterpretation, it is basically the same thing. This is not an ethical practice. As a consumer, I would be outraged if a company pulled tricks like this on me.

  • Clever Dude

    I just learned that my neighbor washes his Mini Cooper at the gas station with the window squeegee (spelling?). Guess you can do that when the car is so small.

    Yeah, that neighbor is Nick from Punny Money.


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