Home Owners Insurance Can Offer Comfort During Tornados & Floods

May 2, 2008

Home owners insurance and flood insurance are a burden 99% of the time and a blessing the other 1%. Needless to say, I have a love/hate relationship with insurance.  The majority of the time I’m not real pleased with it, watching the premiums come out of our paycheck every month.  However, it’s those moments when you really need it that you’re thankful for those payments and appreciate the protection it provides.

As our family sat in the basement last night, listening to the wind roar and the tornado sirens screaming, I was in love with our home owners insurance.  Although our son felt safe enough to fall asleep in my lap, my wife and I were definitely nervous as we heard the weather man tracking the storms approach to our part of town.

My initial thoughts were full of different contingency plans, where we should huddle, what big metal pipes we could hold onto, those kinds of things.  As the storm went on and we sat there for a while my mind began to wander. I thought about how all that really mattered was that the three of us were safe.  We could always start over in a new house if we had to, just as long as we were together.  The comforting thing was I didn’t worry about how we’d pay for it because we have homeowners insurance.

I thought back to last spring when there was flooding in the Midwest and how worried I was that we didn’t have flood insurance.  Although it really stinks paying premiums all year round, those nights in the basement hiding from tornados or those mornings hiking back to the river and watching it leave its banks are the times when you realize why it is you write that check each month.


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3 Responses to Home Owners Insurance Can Offer Comfort During Tornados & Floods

  • Ben

    I agree No Debt Plan, it really applies to all types of insurance. Some things you can skip and insure yourself against, like putting away a little money every month instead of buying an extended warranty, but others are just too expensive so you have to get insurance.

  • No Debt Plan

    The same thing with car insurance. It absolutely sucks… until you hit someone. Or better yet, someone without insurance hits you. Then you’re glad to have it.

    Glad you all are okay.

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  • Live TV

    Having a home insurance is very useful for the people who live in a place with dangerous climate conditions.