Costco Discounts and the Worst Credit Cards

December 15, 2010

Costco memberships and fake credit cards have been the topics of choice for me in my latest articles over at Wisebread.  I thought you might find a few good tips in some of them so I wanted to share a little about them.

Costco Discounts

I’ve become a fan of the warehouse club ever since I discoved some Costco membership discounts and became a member.  I surveyed a bunch of friends with little kids to find out what kinds of things they bought at Costco and organized them by category.

Worst Credit Cards

I had some fun inventing fake credit cards like Santa’s Sleigh Miles Card, Ebenezer Scrooge Charity Card, and the Rudolph Red Card for this one.  Basically I went over things to avoid in certain types of cards and suggested some alternatives. 

For the travel cards I pointed out Blue Sky from American Express and the Southwest Rapid Rewards card.  For affinity cards I suggest using a cash back credit card instead and donating the rewards. As an alternative to the Rudolph Red card, which tries to help keep you out of holiday debt, I propose using a cash back debit card instead.

Balance Transfer Dating

This was another one with a little different take – I looked at balance transfer credit cards from the perspective of the dating world.  My favorite tip was probably that no one, lenders or girlfriends, wants to build a relationship with someone who “gets around”.

That’s it for the Wisebread wrap-up, if the ones next month are any good I’ll let you know about them as well.


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2 Responses to Costco Discounts and the Worst Credit Cards

  • Arielle

    Gotta love Costco and all the $ you can save! What an interesting way to put it – we should treat old credit cards like we treat old ex’s.


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