Biotech Investing – The Risks of Putting Your Money in Biotechnology

August 1, 2008

I spent the last post talking about stable biotech investments. The majority of these investments are in the pharmaceutical sector. In general, stable biotech investments are few and far between, as biotech investing is seen as one of the more risky investment strategies available. Fact is, many biotech firms fail: they fall quickly and fall […]

Biotech Investing: Top Performing Biotech Companies

July 31, 2008

If you read my primer yesterday on biotechnology investing you found out the basics of what comprises biotech and probably thought, “That’s great, but where do I put my money?” I’ll tailor this to those investors who aren’t independently wealthy or otherwise come to investing with a lot of capital. Those investors can’t afford to […]

Biotech Investing – A Beginner’s Guide to Biotechnology Investments

July 30, 2008

What on earth is biotechnology? Think of it as ways that man controls nature. That could be read negatively, but it doesn’t have to be. Biotechnology comprises all of the ways that humans try to overcome natural limitations be more cost-efficient. Examples of biotechnology are pest-resistant crops, new animal breeding, or pharmaceutical research. Certainly some […]

PayPal Online Payment System Review

July 21, 2008

Paypal is becoming a more-ingrained part of the Internet. If you’ve ever been worried about security problems using Paypal, keep reading. The service is pretty invaluable, but it’s also had some ups and downs. What exactly is Paypal: it’s a online payment system allowing payments online without having to deal with money orders, checks, or […]

Past Problems with Credit Cards: A Confession

July 17, 2008

Writer Auditions – Author Henry Brown – Offer Your Feedback Here’s a little something about me: I was an expert on credit cards before I was an expert on my own credit card situation. A few years ago, I got hired to write a series of articles about credit cards. I was deemed the credit […]