College Dorm Room Decor Ideas – How to Decorate Your Dorm on a Budget

August 12, 2008

If you’re facing the challenge of decorating your dorm room on a shoestring budget, then here are some ideas that might help. Get things for free if you can – If you need a coffee pot, a bookcase, or some plastic storage bins, ask your friends and family for them first. You may be surprised […]

Equifax ID Patrol Review – A Good Choice to Monitor Your Credit Reports and Protect Your Identity?

August 9, 2008

Equifax’s ID Patrol, a new identity theft protection and credit monitoring service, launched recently and I used a promotion code to sign up for a free trial. I’m a big fan of credit monitoring services, as you could probably tell from my True Credit review, especially if they offer identity theft protection as part of […]

Personal Finance Review – Family Edition

August 3, 2008

We spent most of this weekend with our extended families. I’ll admit I had some stress and anxiety over this. Our families do not always get along, and there was a ton of work to be done around our house – none of which actually got done. When we finally got home and started getting […]

Commodity Scam Warnings: How to Protect Yourself and Your Money

July 29, 2008

When it comes to commodities investing there are an unbelievable number of scams out there. I am not kidding when I say that there are literally hundreds of companies out there just waiting to railroad you through the door, part you from your money, and happily send you straight to the gas chamber. I know […]

Why the Heck Does Gas Cost So Much – Commodities Investing Series

July 28, 2008

Last time I filled up my gas tank it cost me $64.28. As I was standing there at the pump I started thinking. I realized I had absolutely no idea why the price of gas was so high. I mean sure, I get emails from MSN money every day telling me that oil hit a […]

Personal Finance Review – The Car is Dead Edition

July 28, 2008

I spent a good part of this week with my car in the shop. Since it’s a used Cadillac the entire front end pretty much has to be torn off any time we need to repair something, and that’s frustrating for me since I am used to doing my own repairs whenever possible. This time […]

Investing in Commodity ETFs: An Ounce of Research is Worth a Pound of Gold

July 26, 2008

In our last post on commodities investing we talked about why you might want to start investing in commodities, and what a few of the investment options were.This time around we’re going to take a closer look at commodity Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s.) and how to research them. When you decide to invest in a […]

Investing In Natural Resources Can Save Your Assets – Commodities Investing Series

July 25, 2008

What does investing in natural resources mean? When you choose to invest in natural resources (also known as commodities) you are investing in the building blocks of civilization. In other words, commodities are materials that we use to make the finished products that we buy. Fritos are not a commodity, but the corn they are […]

True Credit Review – How I Use the Credit Score & Credit Report Monitoring Service

July 19, 2008

What is True Credit? True Credit is a credit monitoring service that allows you to check your reports and scores from all three credit bureaus each month. Do you really need to monitor your credit reports? Well, depending on who you ask this service is either a valuable lifeline or a total and complete waste […]

What the Kung Fu Panda Can Teach You about Becoming a Millionaire

July 16, 2008

Writer Auditions – Author Connie Brooks – Offer Your Feedback Last weekend we took my daughter to her very first movie: Kung Fu Panda As we sat in the theatre, and the lights went down, I did not expect much from the movie. In fact I planned to spend the entire time studying my daughter’s […]

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