Personal Finance Review – Open Enrollment Edition

November 18, 2007

Can you see into the future?  Sometimes I feel like that’s what I’m trying to do when I setup my benefits during open enrollment every year.  The worst for me is deciding how much money to put into the flexible spending account and dependent care account. We’ve never used more money than we put into […]

Personal Finance Review – Save While You Can Edition

November 11, 2007

Oh to be young again!  As I visited my Alma Mater this weekend to cheer on the soccer team in an important post-season game I couldn’t help but catch some of the conversations of the students around me in the stands. Their plans and concerns are much the same as mine were ten years ago […]

Personal Finance Review – Money Sucks Edition

November 4, 2007

Do you ever get discouraged and decide that money just sucks?  We have to work so hard for money and yet it seems we never have enough of it.  We’re trying our best to build up money but everyone else seems to be working equally hard to take it away. So many of our decisions […]

Personal Finance Review – Count Your Blessings Edition

October 28, 2007

When you’re healthy, you can forget how bad it feels to be sick and how fortunate you are to be well.  I guess that’s the one positive thing that comes out of this miserable sinus infection that is still hanging around.  It makes me appreciate my health all the more and realize I shouldn’t complain […]

Personal Finance Review – Best Investment I Ever Made Edition

October 21, 2007

Maybe I’m being a little over the top but in terms of value gained in relation to money spent, the purchase of my Zen Nano Plus mp3 player is the best investment I ever made!  What’s so great about it?  Never ending learning and self-improvement, anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s driving to work, waiting in […]

Personal Finance Review – Featuring Joe Money & Bob Cash

October 14, 2007

Today the weekly roundup will be run by two special hosts, please welcome Joe Money and Bob Cash.  Joe and Bob have been close friends since they were little but have different outlooks on money so I thought it’d be interesting to hear their take on the personal finance articles this week. Joe: Hey Bob, you’re […]

Personal Finance Review – Installing a Patio Edition

October 7, 2007

I don’t remember the last time I was this sore! We spent all weekend putting in a Pavestone patio with the help of my wife’s parents (thanks guys!). We hit a few roadblocks along the way but managed to overcome them and now have a new back patio!  We still have one more step left […]

Personal Finance Review – Working Too Hard Edition

September 30, 2007

I hate working over the weekend!  I hate working over the weekend! Did I mention that working over the weekend sucks?  The end of every quarter is a busy time at my job and this quarter was worse than normal for my team so I was stuck there late Friday and spent all day Saturday working.  The […]

Personal Finance Review – New Pavestone Patio Edition

September 23, 2007

As our son becomes more mobile, we’re spending more time in our backyard chasing him around.  This has given us the idea of installing a new patio behind our house.  The current plan is to use the Pavestone system to lay a 13 x 16 patio.  Never having done this before, we headed to Home […]

Personal Finance Review – No New Shoes Edition

September 16, 2007

I hate shopping and I hate spending money.  Of course this means when something I own breaks or falls apart I’m not very happy because I have to go out and buy another one!  I own one pair of dress shoes that are unfortunately on the decline.  The soles have been coming off of the work […]

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