Personal Finance Review – Open Enrollment Edition

November 18, 2007

Can you see into the future?  Sometimes I feel like that’s what I’m trying to do when I setup my benefits during open enrollment every year.  The worst for me is deciding how much money to put into the flexible spending account and dependent care account.

We’ve never used more money than we put into our FSA, at the end of each year we’re usually scrambling to find things to spend money on to use up our balance.  What a crappy system.  I always try and estimate based on the previous year’s spending and any known health health procedures or purchases but I never get it right. 

Child care is a little easier to estimate since you can approximately plan out the number of days you need it in the next year. Of course things come up, kids or the babysitter gets sick, and you don’t take the kid as often as you thought and so don’t use all the money you’ve set aside. 

I still take advantage of the flexible spending account to help reduce taxes but I get frustrated trying to guess how much to put away during open enrollment and then again at the end of the year when I’m trying to use up all my money. Here’s a flexible spending account checklist I just saw by the Mighty Bargain Hunter that could help reduce this frustration and some other articles I liked this week:

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Thanks to the Million Dollar Journey for hosting last weeks Personal Finance Carnival!


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