Money and Your Job – Considering Finances & Benefits in Your Job Search

September 11, 2008

As I was looking for a new job I was reminded of how many key personal finance concerns are tied to our employers.  Of course it’s not just how much you’re paid but also things like health insurance, retirement savings, and even life insurance or disability insurance coverage.

Career Finances

The financial intricacies of finding a good employer can be pretty overwhelming and in some cases can be the cause for people staying in jobs that aren’t necessarily right for them.

I heard a piece on the radio a while back that talked about the history of corporate benefits and how they fit into the economic landscape of the United States.  Due to the rising cost of providing these benefits and smaller profits resulting from increased global competition, corporations are cutting back on the benefits they offer.  This leaves us employees the task of maximizing the benefits we can get from our job and learning about what we can do to cover the gaps.

Managing Job Benefits

While there are certainly things you can do to increase your salary, such as learning the company salary policy and promoting yourself you should be sure to consider all the financial aspects of the job you work in.  In the coming days we’ll be covering some of common issues and questions people encounter about benefits and finances when looking for a job.

So far we’ve covered a tool for comparing jobs, tips on determining the cost of relocation if you move for a new job, and some of the expenses of a new job that you might encounter.

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